Policy 5-305

  1. Title

    Subchapter 5-305 Sustainability

  2. Policy

    1. Preamble

      The University of Texas at Arlington is striving to become a leader in campus sustainability through the efforts of administration, faculty, staff, and students. The University is actively engaged in greening facility operations, promoting innovative research, supporting and encouraging student initiatives, implementing environmental and sustainability focused curriculum, and sponsoring community and public service initiatives. Through these actions, its goal is to develop an institutional model of sustainability for society while performing its academic mission. The University of Texas at Arlington is committed to a positive and proactive role in the adoption and implementation of sustainable practices within all levels of the University.

    2. Academics

      The process of sustainability is a pathway of continual improvement where actions protect and enhance human and natural resources needed by future generations to enjoy a quality of life equal to or greater than our own. UT Arlington acknowledges that the concept of sustainability is a continuous process of elaboration and development. With this understanding and continued dedication to academic excellence, The University of Texas at Arlington will continue to develop various academic degree programs ranging from certificates to master's degrees, and to foster academic inquiry and research relating to sustainability. This foundation also helps ensure that future alumni of The University of Texas at Arlington are future leaders in sustainability.

    3. Campus Activities

      The University of Texas at Arlington strives to be a sustainable model for higher education and for the general society. In recognition of the finite capacity of energy and natural resources, the University is committed to further development and growth in a sustainable fashion. This includes promoting and developing standards for energy savings, reduced carbon emissions, reduction of waste outputs, and reduced water usage. The University has committed to pursuing LEED certification on future buildings and other construction projects.

    4. Community Engagement

      Operating in a sustainable manner is essential to reducing impact on the environment and provides a powerful example for the community. UT Arlington is poised through outreach programs to truly affect environmental change by imparting a sense of responsibility to the community (students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community) to live in a more sustainable manner. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to sustainability a part of their daily lives whether on or off campus. The University facilitates this transition by making information on sustainability available in a variety of forms across the campus.

    5. Student Involvement

      Student groups and student-centered projects relating to sustainability are a fundamental part of the student experience at The University of Texas at Arlington. The University is committed to making available to students direct involvement in the formation of sustainable life on campus and in the community. This commitment creates an environment that will stimulate innovation, raise awareness and ensure effective student participation.

    6. Rationale

      The University of Texas at Arlington, as an institution of higher education, understands its mandates under each of these counts. It fully embraces the importance of presenting to the campus community the opportunity to experience and foster a university environment in which the sustainability agenda is thoroughly embedded as well as continuously and rigorously explored. The University maintains a steadfast mission of sustainability through communication of successes as well as challenges, implementation of practices where appropriate, and the education of those we are charged with serving.

    7. Commitment

      The University Office of Sustainability shall initiate, promote, and conduct programs that promote sustainability in cooperation with academic and administrative units where appropriate. The Office of Sustainability will focus on individual and organizational change and physical system upgrades. Key functions of the Office include policy and planning, communication and learning, and project development and management. The Office of Sustainability will support the work of the University's Sustainability Committee.

      The University's Sustainability Committee shall include representatives of staff, faculty, students, and community and alumni members. The committee shall provide advice on:

      1. University sustainability plans, reports, and products;
      2. Discuss and create options for various sustainability initiatives and projects;
      3. Enhance understanding and synergy of different groups working on sustainability issues on campus; and
      4. Disseminate ideas and proposed directions to representative organizations

      New and existing policies on topics such as transportation, academics, procurement, building design, climate change, dining services, landscape and habitat, energy and water conservation, environmental management systems, and waste reduction will be developed and revised in furtherance of the University's sustainability goals.

  3. Definitions

    Sustainability: Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

    Sustainability Practices: The physical development and institutional operating practices that meet the needs of present users without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

  4. Relevant Federal and State Statutes

  5. Relevant UT System Policies, Procedures, and Forms

  6. Who Should Know

    This policy impacts all UT Arlington employees, students and the local Arlington community.

  7. UT Arlington Officer(s) Responsible for Policy

    The Office of Sustainability at UT Arlington

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  9. Contact Information

    All questions concerning this policy should be directed to The University of Texas at Arlington Office of Sustainability by phone at (817) 272-9299 or via email at mtare@uta.edu .