Policy 5-507

Annual Performance Evaluations

  1. Policy for Annual Performance Evaluations

    All employees of the University shall be evaluated annually each Spring. The annual performance evaluation shall evaluate the employee based on the entire scope of their assigned duties. Employees shall be provided with a copy of their evaluation and have an opportunity to meet with their supervisor to review the results of the evaluation and discuss any plans for improvement. A copy of the annual performance review shall be placed in the employees personnel file. The following procedures for the annual review shall apply to the following classes of employees:

    1. Tenured Faculty - See Subchapter 6-725 of this Handbook.

    2. Tenure Track Faculty - See Subchapter 6-300 of this Handbook.

    3. Faculty with Administrative Appointments - See Section 2-250 of this Handbook.

    4. Clinical Faculty - See Subchapter 6-100, Section 6-150 of this Handbook.

    5. Adjunct and Contract Faculty (part-time and full-time) - Adjunct and contract faculty will be evaluated annually by the department chair (or Dean in the case of the Schools). The evaluation shall include a review of teaching effectiveness, the course syllabi, and the performance of other duties as assigned by the department chair (or Dean in the case of the Schools). The performance review shall be conducted before extending contract renewal offers.

    6. Staff - Staff are to be reviewed using the forms and criteria provided by the Office of Human Resources. The principle purposes of staff reviews are to encourage staff development and to strengthen the departments' effectiveness. Specific purposes include: to identify specific indicators of achievement; identify areas of greatest/least effectiveness; stimulate areas for improvement; aid in promotion, retention, and salary decisions; and increase employer-employee communication.

    7. Graduate Assistants - Graduate Assistants shall be evaluated based on the performance of their assigned duties. Each College and School shall develop written procedures for the evaluation of graduate assistants and the guidelines shall be made known to graduate assistants. Graduate Assistants shall review the results of their performance review with the department's/School's graduate advisor. In the case of Graduate Teaching Assistants, the review shall, at a minimum, include a review of teaching effectiveness and course syllabi. In the case of Graduate Research Assistants (GRA), the review shall include a written review by their supervising faculty detailing how the GRA has performed assigned research duties.