Policy 5-704

  1. Purpose of Proposal Review Submission Form

    The proposal submission form is used for expediting the processing of proposals by extracting pertinent sponsor and investigator information from one form. The proposal submission form serves as an internal certification and approval form for the University. It also serves as a tool for the Office of Research Grants and Contracts staff to determine if an investigator is in compliance with certain federal regulations before a proposal is submitted for funding; and to provide a pre-submission review of indirect cost assumptions.

  2. Information Required for Submission of Proposal Review Form

    The proposal review form requires submission information concerning the sponsor, biographical information relating to the investigator, approval information from safety and protection committees, budget information, special considerations relating to the proposal, investigator certifying statement and the chair or dean's certifying statement.

    Proposal review forms can be obtained from the Office of Research Grants and Contracts or on the Office of Research Grants and Contracts home page at www.uta.edu/ra. The proposal review forms and accompanying proposals must be submitted to the Office of Grants and Contracts seven working days prior to a submission date.