Policy 6-1100

  1. Section 6-1101 Absence from Duty, Holidays

    1. It is expected that every class will meet as scheduled. When it is necessary for a faculty member to be absent from the University, the faculty member shall inform the department chair or other appropriate administrative office of the reason for absence and its expected duration so that arrangements may be made for the disposition of his/her duties. If the faculty member is unable to meet assigned classes, a suitable substitute should be provided. The assignment of outside work to students in lieu of scheduled classes, with the approval of the department chair, may be acceptable on a limited basis but should not become a routine practice.

    2. Absence without loss of pay and reimbursable travel shall be in accordance with provisions of the Regents' Rules and Regulations and the Handbook of Fiscal Regulations and Procedures.

    3. Members of the faculty are entitled to all holidays for students listed annually in the official calendar of the University. All classified and other nonteaching personnel are entitled to such holidays as are authorized by the Legislature in the then current General Appropriations Act approved annually by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.

    4. Development leaves for faculty members may be granted as provided by legislative act. This legislation provides that after two consecutive academic years at the same institution, faculty members as defined in this act may be considered for a faculty development leave for one academic year at one-half his/her regular salary or for one-half academic year at his/her full salary rate. Such leaves may be granted pursuant to procedures outlined in the act, within the limitations therein, and subject to availability of funds.

  2. Section 6-1102 Leaves of Absence Without Pay

    1. With the interest of the institution being given first consideration and for good cause, leaves of absence without pay may be granted for a period within the term of appointment of a member of any faculty or staff, subject to the general conditions included herein. Leaves of absence for a first year or portion thereof or a second consecutive year's leave may be granted by the President. Leaves of absence for a third consecutive year will be granted only for the reasons outlined in the Regents' Rules and Regulations, following review and approval by the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor.

    2. Except in unusual circumstances, such as military service, reasons of health, continued graduate study, and public service or other activity that reflects credit on the institution and enhances an individual's ability to make subsequent contributions to the institution, a second consecutive year of leave will not be granted.

    3. Except in very unusual circumstances, a third consecutive leave of absence for one year will not be granted.

    4. The maximum period for which a leave of absence will be granted is the end of the fiscal year in which the leave begins. In the case of faculty, the date for return to duty will generally coincide with the beginning of the next semester, following the period of absence.

    5. After a return to duty of one year, the leave-of-absence privilege will again be available, subject to the conditions above.

  3. Section 6-1103 Family and Medical Leave Policy

    1. A pool of money for replacement pay for faculty members taking family leave shall be established and administered at the Provost's level.

      1. When a faculty member takes family leave, the department/unit shall determine subject to the approval of the Dean an Provost, if it is necessary to offer (all of) the courses scheduled to be taught by the faculty member taking family leave.

      2. If the courses to be covered are sufficiently specialized that only faculty within that unit could teach them, the substituting faculty member shall be compensated from the replacement pool.

      3. The salary for the replacement hire shall be negotiated by the Department Chair/ Program Director, Dean and Provost.

    2. Faculty who are on family/medical leave must use their accumulated sick leave, if any, (an exception being the instance of the adoption of a healthy child, in which case, according to existing policy, sick leave may not be accessed).

      If their sick leave is exhausted while on family medical leave, they may:

      1. Take the remainder of their allotted 12 weeks on an unpaid basis, or

      2. Resume non-teaching duties and receive their regular salary. Non-teaching duties might include such things as supervising graduate students and serving on graduate committees, administrative duties, committee work, and/or other duties designated by the chair.

    3. The replacement pay pool must be accessed to hire a replacement for a faculty member on leave who requests more than 4 weeks' leave within a consecutive 12 week period.

    4. For catastrophic illnesses, please refer to the appropriate policy in the Handbook of Operating Procedures.