Policy 6-1400

  1. Section 6-1401 Procedures Contracts and Grants

    1. A faculty or staff member, before entering into formal negotiations for a contract or grant binding on the University with a governmental agency, a foundation, or a private source, shall consult with the department chair, dean, Provost and the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration.

    2. All proposals for such contracts and grants shall be made in the name of U. T. Arlington and shall, after approval by regular administrative channels and the Provost and the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, be forwarded to the President.

    3. Approval of contracts or agreements offered as a result of the proposals, and amendments thereto, shall be obtained by the same channels as are required for proposals.

    4. The Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration shall exercise fiscal control of all contract and grant funds.

    5. Program control of work shall be vested in the person designated in the contract or grant.

    6. Since contracts and grants are made in the name of U. T. Arlington, principal investigators are responsible through normal administrative channels.

  2. Section 6-1402 Gifts

    Covered by Regents' Rules and Regulations, Series 80801.

  3. Section 6-1403 Compensation from Students

    1. Members of the faculty or staff, without previous and special approval from the Board of Regents, shall not collect from students any fees or charges and shall not sell to students books, notes, or similar student supplies.

    2. A member of the faculty of the rank of assistant instructor, lecturer, instructor or above may not accept pay for extra instruction or teaching of students registered in the University.

    3. For courses or sections of courses with which they have no connection, graduate teaching assistants or associates or graduate research assistants may be allowed to accept pay from students for tutoring with the prior approval of the department chair and the dean or director of the academic school or college.

  4. Section 6-1404 Faculty Recruiting

    No offer of appointment as a faculty member for the following academic year shall be made after May 1 to an individual who is currently a faculty member at an institution which is a member of the Association of American Universities without consent of a responsible academic administrative officer of the other institution. This consent is to be obtained only through the Office of the President.