Policy 6-800

  1. Title

    Endowed Chairs and Professorships

  2. Policy

    1. Subject to conditions or restrictions required by donor(s) at the time a gift is accepted for the endowment of a chair or professorship, the use of the endowment and the selection of faculty for appointment to endowed chairs or professorships shall be governed by this Subchapter. Income from an endowment will be used to supplement the salary of the faculty member who is selected to hold the chair or professorship and to provide professional support for the endowed position. Endowment income may not be used to supplant any other source of funds for payment of the base salary of a holder who is performing regular faculty duties. A faculty member may become the holder of an endowed chair or professorship upon recommendation of the President and approval by the U. T. System.

    2. Recommendations for initial selection of a holder of an endowed chair or professorship and the continuation of the holder in an endowed position must be supported by a sustained record of exemplary performance in those areas of professional activity that are vital to the academic development and the attainment of the goals of the University and of the particular department, college, or school.

    3. Selection as the holder of an endowed chair or professorship is distinct from appointment to the faculty.

      1. Individual colleges and schools may limit the length of time that an individual may hold an endowed position.

      2. No individual may serve more than five consecutive academic years in an endowed professorship or in an endowed chair without undergoing a formal review of his/her professional performance by a review committee. The committee may conduct a review at any time if requested by the President but must conduct a review no later than the fifth academic year.

    4. The faculty and administration of each college and school with endowed positions shall establish procedures for making recommendations to the President for the selection of individuals to hold endowed chairs and professorships. The procedures must be approved by the President.

      1. Such procedures must include a search committee composed of tenured faculty or tenured faculty and tenure-track faculty. The size, composition, and method of selection of search committees for professorships and chairs specifically identified with a department may be different from those for college-wide positions.

      2. The recommendation of a search committee shall be forwarded to the President through administrative channels.

    5. Subject to the approval of the President, the faculty and administration of each college and school with endowed positions shall establish procedures for the selection of a review committee(s) for conducting the professional performance reviews of the holders of endowed chairs and professorships as required by Section 6-800 II.C.2.

      1. Following each review, the committee shall submit its report to the dean of the college or school.

      2. The dean shall forward the report to the President through the Provost together with such comments or recommendations as the dean considers appropriate.

      3. The President shall determine whether the individual is to continue in the endowed position and shall notify the individual of the decision.

    6. This Subchapter 6-800 supersedes all other institutional policies governing selection for and service in endowed chairs and professorships. Persons holding such positions at the effective date of this Section who have not undergone a formal review of their professional performance in the manner specified above in the five years prior to the effective date must be reviewed within one year. All endowments for academic positions will be subject to periodic audit.

  3. UT Arlington Office(s) Responsible for Policy

    The Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for this policy.

  4. Dates Approved or Amended

    April 23, 2012

  5. Contact Information

    All questions regarding endowed chairs and professorships should be directed to the Office of the Provost, (817) 272-2103.