Policy 7-400

  1. Section 7-401 Membership

    The membership of the Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the Council and the chairs of standing committees.

  2. Section 7-402 Meetings

    The Executive Committee shall meet monthly. Additional meetings may be called by the Chairperson, the President, or upon request of two members of the Executive Committee. The Secretary will be responsible for notifying Committee members of meeting dates, times and locations. A Quorum must be present to conduct a meeting of the committee.

  3. Section 7-403 Duties

    The Executive Committee shall consider all matters presented to it by the Chairperson, the President or designate, the Council, the standing committee chairs, or others, and make recommendations; assist the Chairperson in setting the agenda for Council meetings; review periodically the purpose and membership of each standing committee; appoint, considering volunteers first, the Nominations and Elections Committee, standing committees, and the ad hoc committees as needed; recommend to the Council such special committees as it deems necessary; resolve questions related to the Council elections process; make recommendations to the Council regarding the removal of representatives from the Council.

  4. Section 7-404 Term

    The term of a member of the Executive committee shall be for the representative's term of an officer of the Council or the representative's term as a standing committee chair.

  5. Section 7-405 Chair

    The Executive Committee shall be chaired by the Chairperson who shall make a report of the actions of the Committee to the Council at each regular meeting.