Policy 7-500

  1. Section 7-501 Standing Committees

    The standing committees of the council shall be the Executive Committee, Communications Committee, Benefits Committee, Outreach Committee and Staff Development Committee. Participation in these committees will be open to all Council representatives, alternates and staff. The chair of a committee can appoint one or more subcommittee(s) and subcommittee chair(s) for specific terms to deal with assigned issues; the subcommittee chair(s) shall report to the appointing committee. Each standing committee shall consist of a minimum of five members, and members shall serve for one year. Each committee shall elect a chair and a secretary. The chair shall be an elected council representative. Committees shall meet monthly or as requested by the chair. The Chair and the Secretary shall each serve for one year or until replaced in the next election. If a representative serves an unexpired term of six months or less as either committee member or committee officer, the individual is eligible to serve for another year provided Council membership is continued for another year.

  2. Section 7-502 Duties

    The standing committees shall accept business items assigned to the committee by the Executive Committee and deal with the item(s) in a responsible and timely manner; have the Chairperson make a report to the full Council at each monthly meeting; have the Committee Secretary maintain and provide the Vice Chairperson and Council Secretary with a written report of each Committee meeting; prepare and submit an annual report, including all items placed on the committee agenda and the disposition of each, to the Vice Chairperson and Council Secretary by the last meeting each year.

    1. Communications Committee. This committee shall plan and coordinate activities at which University employees can meet their representatives and learn about Council activities; serve as the public relations committee of the Council and work with Public Affairs to publicize the Council and its activities; and generally promote the Council as opportunities arise.

    2. Benefits Committee. This committee shall review staff members' concerns regarding benefits and to make recommendations, establish subcommittees and refer items as necessary. The Director of the Office of Human Resources or designate will serve as an ex-officio member of the Benefits Committee.

    3. Staff Development Committee. This committee shall review ways in which the eligible staff can benefit from training programs. Staff Development subcommittees may address such issues as career and professional development, orientation/mentoring, diversity training, and basic skills development. The Director of the Office of Human Resources or designates from Human Resources Office of Staff Development will serve as an ex-officio members of the Staff Development Committee.

    4. Outreach Committee. This committee will plan and coordinate community outreach projects.

  3. Section 7-503 Ad Hoc Committees

    1. Ad hoc committees of the Council will be appointed by the Executive Committee as needs arise. Ad hoc committees will elect a chairperson. The life of the committee will be determined by the matter under consideration and the committee will be disbanded when the purpose has been served. The number of members will be determined by the Executive Committee.

    2. The ad hoc committees shall accept the issues assigned to the committee by the Executive Committee; deal with the items in a responsible and timely manner; and make progress reports on its activities to the Council, as well as a final report.

    3. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee in March each year. This committee shall consist of at least seven members. The committee will handle all nominations and elections procedures as set forth herein.

    4. The Policy Committee duties shall be to propose and accept proposed changes to the provisions of the University's Handbook of Operating Procedures related to the Council, study the proposals, and prepare a recommendation to the Council in accordance with the Handbook.