Policy 8-100

  1. Section 8-101 Philosophy

    The Division of Student Affairs provides accessible programs and services that support the diverse needs of the student body, foster active learning and contribute to personal and academic development. Student Affairs is dedicated to the social, physical, cultural and intellectual growth of students in preparation for life in a global society. These goals are accomplished by undergraduate and graduate students in a vibrant, engaged campus community. Together we establish programs, services and traditions that empower and enhance the lives of students. Further, these experiences forge lifetime connections to the University and create citizens who contribute to their communities.

  2. Section 8-102 Functions

    The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington is committed to the integration of student learning and development by creating transformative learning opportunities that enrich the lives of our students. The Division strives to promote excellence and encourage student success by engaging students in the life of the University community. Dedicated to focusing on students and their development while supporting the University's mission, the Division of Student Affairs embraces the following core values:

    • Student-centered Learning
    • Respect and Civility
    • Appreciation for Diversity
    • Active Citizenship
    • Teamwork and Collaboration with University and Community Partners
    • Free Expression of Thoughts and Ideas
    • Personal Integrity and Truth
    • Academic Success and Personal Development
    • Responsible, Creative and Innovative Leadership
    • Accessible programs and services for all Students
    • Wellness and Lifelong Learning
  3. Section 8-103 Organization

    1. In these sections the title Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students is used interchangeably as the position is held by one person.

    2. The many departments and programs of the Division of Student Affairs are led by the Vice President for Student Affairs, and a team of five assistant vice presidents. For more information please visit http://www.uta.edu/studentaffairs/vpsa/.

    3. The Advisory Committee on Student Affairs, which includes students, staff, and faculty members, is appointed by the President. The purpose of the Committee is to recommend Student Affairs-related policy and procedure modifications to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

    4. In addition to the Advisory Committee on Student Affairs, there are many other University-wide committees that include students to ensure student participation in the University community.