The Disposition Table that follows identifies changes to the Administrative Memoranda. The numbering format will be discontinued and the information has been added to the corresponding Procedure, Handbook of Operating Procedures, and/or various Web sites.

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Index Title Location
05-9 Use of Copyrighted Materials Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-300
05-8 Regents' Rules & Regulations Regents' Rules can be accessed at the UT Arlington Policy Library or at the UT System Web site.
05-7   Discontinued
05-6 Revised Organizational Chart University Organizational chart is available in the Office of the President or here
05-5 Appointments to Positions of Honor, Profit, or Trust Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-2600 Service on Outside Boards, paragraph 2.1 Offices of the State of Texas or the United States
05-4 Employee Procedure During Inclement Weather Procedure 3-35
05-3 Handbook of Operating Procedures Handbook of Operating Procedures home page
05-2 Annual Statement of Responsibility and Accountability for Internal Control Compliance Services home page
05-1 Holiday Schedule and Vacation Regulations Human Resources home page
01-8 Associates of the Faculty for 2000-2001 Discontinued
01-6 Long Distance Telephone Usage/Cellular Telephone Usage Procedure 12-2 and Procedure 12-4
98-6 Allocation and Use of Information Technology Resources Information Technology/Client Services home page
98-5 Evaluation of Teaching Handbook of Operating Procedures, Section 6-502, Course Syllabuses and Course Evaluations
Handbook of Operating Procedures 6-725, Periodic Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
97-6 Scholarship Policies Procedure 16-1
96-4 Seminar and Special Function Parking Procedure 6-10
92-4 Smoke Free Policy for Campus Facilities Procedure 3-45
90-9 UT System Policy on Drugs and Alcohol Procedure 3-42
87-7 In-House Building Modifications Procedure 5-1, and Procedure 5-5
87-5 Adult and Continuing Education Continuing Education home page
87-4 Observance of Religious Holy Days by Students and Instructors Published in the Faculty Guide; available in the Office of the Provost
86-10 Disposition of Books and Similar Materials Discontinued