Procedures Index

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Emergency procedures are indicated by series number 7-xx.

Listings of Retired Procedures (or Regulations) may be found in the disposition table.

Index Title
1-1 Payroll Processing - Pay Dates and Deadlines
1-2 Distribution of Payments
1-9 Federal Income Withholding Tax
1-12 Departmental Payroll Vouchers
1-15 Overtime Requests and Payments to Employees
1-16 Accrued Vacation, Sick Leave, Death Benefits, Excessive Absences and Mid-Month Terminations
1-17 Salary Spread Election
1-19 Payments for Professional Services
1-21 Payments to Nonresident Alien Employees
1-22 Scholarships Awarded to Nonresident Alien Students
1-23 Payments to Nonresident Alien Independent Contractors, Guest Speakers and Performers
2-1 Establishing Cost Centers
2-2 Types of Cost Centers and Projects
2-3 Cost Center and Project Statements
2-4 Expenditure Income Classifications
2-5 Charges to Departmental Services
2-6 Endowment Establishment and Management
2-7 Working Fund
2-8 Gifts to the University
2-10 Funds Held in Custody for Others
2-11 Year End Accounting
2-12 Transfer of Funds
2-13 Vendor Set-Up and Maintenance
2-14 Cash and Check Handling
2-15 Check Cashing Procedures
2-16 Assessment, Collection, and Depositing Sales Tax
2-17 Processing Exemptions and Waivers
2-37 Service Center Establishment and Maintenance
2-43 Responsibilities, Inventories, Reporting and Tracking of University Property
2-44 Addition of Property to a Department's Inventory
2-45 Removal of Property from a Department's Inventory
2-46 Removal of Equipment from the University Premises
2-47 Departmental Property Records
2-49 Property Management and Property Management Services
2-57 United States Government-Owned Equipment: Responsibilities, Care, Maintenance, Utilization, Identification, Disposition, and Records
2-60 Fabricated Equipment (United States Government-Owned Equipment
2-62 Records of Scrap and Salvage
2-64 Records of Materials and Supplies Consumption
2-74 Shredding of Records Through Property Management
2-80-2 Travel Authorization and Obtain Permission to Travel [8-13-2016]
2-81-2 Travel Services – Travel Agencies, Airfare, Car Rentals and Hotels [8-13-2016]
2-83-2 International Travel [8-13-2016]
2-86-2 Meals, Lodging, Travel, Expenses and Other Fees for Travel for State Appropriated and Local Funds [8-13-2016]
2-87-2 Travel for Persons Other Than Faculty and Staff Does Not Apply to State Appropriated Funds [On 8-13-2016]
2-89-2 Transportation Options in Travel Status [On 8-13-2016]
2-90-2 Completing Required Documentation for Travel Reimbursements [On 8-13-2016]
2-101 Identity Theft Prevention, Detection and Mitigation
3-1 General Policies
3-2 Definitions of Terms
3-3 Employment Procedures
3-4 Classification and Allocation of Positions
3-5 Salary Administration - Classified Service
3-6 Fair Labor Standards Act
3-7 Time Reports
3-8 Holidays
3-9 Vacation Leave Policies
3-10 Sick Leave Policies
3-11 Employee Insurance and Other Benefits
3-13 Longevity Pay
3-14 Hazardous Duty Pay
3-15 Other Employee Benefits
3-16 Family and Medical Leave Act
3-17 Military Leave of Absence
3-18 Miscellaneous Leaves of Absence
3-19 Work Schedules
3-20 Personal Information Changes
3-21 Personnel Records
3-22 Beginning and Ending Dates of Appointment
3-23 Probationary Period for Classified Employees
3-24 Employee Separation and Clearance Process
3-25 Performance Management Review
3-26 Retirement and Modified Services
3-28 Employee Complaint Procedures
3-30 Appointment of Relatives (Nepotism Rule)
3-31 Related Appointment Matters
3-33 Non-Faculty Teaching Assignments
3-34 Ethics and Standards of Conduct
3-35 Inclement Weather and Campus Emergency
3-37 Absenteeism
3-38 Sick Leave Pool
3-39 Death of an Employee
3-40 Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
3-41 Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Policy
3-42 Illicit Drugs and Alcohol Abuse
3-43 Drug-Free Work Force Rules for Employees whose Salaries are Funded by a Department of Defense Contract
3-44 Volunteer Service
3-47 Reduction in Force and/or Reorganization Policy
3-49 Request for Accommodations Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) and ADAAA (Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008)
3-50 On-campus Student Employment
3-51 Minimum Age Requirement
3-52 State Employee Training Program
3-53 Optional Retirement Program (ORP)
3-55 Teaching Duties and Related Compensation for Full Time Administrators or Non-Faculty Employees
3-56 Benefit Replacement Pay (BRP)
3-57 Multiple State Employment
3-58 Completion of Immigration and Naturalization Service Form I-9
3-60 Eligibility of Retirees for Group Insurance Coverage
3-61 Employee Leave of Absence Without Pay
3-62 Wellness Program (Quest)
3-63 Long-Term Training (LTT)
3-64 Overtime
3-67 Flexible Work Arrangement
3-69 Parental Leave
3-70 Employee Tuition Assistance Plan
4-2 Best Value Purchasing Procedures
4-7 Departmental Contract Administration
4-11 Purchasing Card (ProCard) Program
4-14 Transactions with Employees
4-16 Tax
4-20 Bid Protest Procedures
4-21 Interagency Contracts
4-22 Damages and Shortages
4-26 Reimbursements and Payments Other Than for Travel and Purchase Orders
4-27 Gasoline Credit Card
4-28 Contract with Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB)
4-29 Cell Phone Issuance Procedure
5-1 Services Provided
5-2 Night, Weekend and Holiday Services
5-3 Service Call Center (SEC)
5-4 Work Order System (Priorities)
5-5 Building Configuration Control
5-7 Repair of Furnishings and Furniture
5-9 Custodial Services
5-10 Floor Covering
5-11 Motor Vehicle Color and Identification Policy
5-12 Vehicle Gasoline Dispensing Procedures
5-13 Vehicle Repair
5-14 Vehicle Rental
5-15 UTA Vehicle Fleet Management Plan
5-16 Capital Expenditures
5-17 Space Inventory Reporting
6-1 Abandoned and Lost Property
6-2 Accidents (Motor Vehicle Collisions)
6-3 Assist Motorist
6-4 Burglar Alarms
6-5 Emergency Message Delivery
6-6 Employing Off-Duty Officers
6-7 Money Escorts
6-8 Offenses and Incidents
6-9 Parking Permits
6-10 Special Events Parking
6-11 Unlock Buildings
6-12 Vacation Check (Close Patrol)
6-13 Service Vehicle Operation on Campus
6-14 Building - After Hours Access
6-15 Key and Lock Control
6-16 Skateboard, Roller Skates, Blades Use on Campus
6-17 Security Camera Policy
7-1 Emergency Communications
7-2 Fire
7-3 Tornado
7-4 Medical Emergencies on Campus
7-5 Elevator Emergency Actions
7-6 Emergency/Fire Evacuation Procedures
7-7 Outdoor Group Activities/Weather Hazards
8-1 University Environmental Health & Safety Policy
8-2 Accident/Fire Reporting Policy
8-3 Reporting Fire Safety Deficiencies
8-4 Hazard Reporting
8-5 Use of Radiation Sources
8-6 Driving Records/Training
8-7 Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI)
8-8 Return to Work Policy for Work-Related Injury or Illness
8-9 Smoke Free Procedure for Campus Facilities
8-10 Biological Safety
8-11 Chemical Safety
8-12 Building Roof Access
9-1 Charges for Medical Record Duplication
10-2 Green Building
10-3 Anti-Idling
10-4 University Recycling
11-2 Mail Service
12-1 General Information
12-2 Long Distance Calling
12-3 Telephone Installation, Changes and Repairs
13-1 Open Records Requests
13-2 Registration of Faculty and Staff Organizations
13-3 Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement
13-4 Creation and Maintenance of UT Arlington Procedures, Forms and Exhibits
13-5 Records and Information Management
13-6 Reporting Claims or Possible Claims Arising Under the Texas Tort Claims Act
14-3 U.S. Permanent Residency - University Policies And Procedures
14-4 Hiring Temporary Nonimmigrants
16-1 Scholarships
17-1 Electronic Access Review
17-2 Faculty and Staff Identification Cards (Mav Express ID)
17-3 Student Identification Cards (Mav Express ID)
17-4 Sponsored Affiliate Identification Cards (Mav Express ID)
17-5 Special Use and Temporary Cards (Mav Express ID)
17-6 New Electronic Card-Access System Request and Installation
17-7 Automatic Removal of Electronic Door Access Privileges
17-8 Electronic Access Requesting - Room Ownership/Requesting Privileges
17-9 Vetting of Undocumented Students for ID Card Issuance
19-1 Emergency Centralized Computer Distribution Procedure
19-2 Appointment of Information Resource Roles
19-3 Securing Publicly Accessible Devices
20-1 20-1 Substantive Change Compliance
21-1 Handbook of Operating Procedures