Procedure 11-2

Mail Service

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

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Revision Date: 02 December 2011

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Procedure Objective

This procedure provides information about UT Arlington's Mail Services and the services that the department provides to the UT Arlington campus. Information concerning both campus mail and postage mail is provided in this procedure. Moreover, this procedure describes the different classes of mail offered and the special types of mail available.


This procedure applies to all UT Arlington faculty and staff, university departments and registered faculty and staff organizations.


UT Arlington Employees and University Departments
  • Include an Account Bar Code Card on all mailings sent to Mail Services

  • Include a departmental return address on all postage mail

  • Sign for the following classes of mail: Express, Certified, Registered, Insured and Delivery Confirmation

Mail Services
  • Provides the UT Arlington campus with various services related to the processing of mail

  • Assigns all departmental box numbers

  • Bills monthly through OIT

  • Supplies U.S. Postal Service mailing forms, tubs, mail trays, and postal updates to the university departments



Section I. General

The University's Mail Service provides UTA's faculty and staff with various services related to the processing of mail. The department of Mail Services is located in Room 120, J.D. Wetsel Central Service Building, 1225 West Mitchell. Services are available from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. during normal working days.

Section II. Delivery

Incoming mail is delivered to each department on normal working days. Outgoing mail is picked up for processing at this time. Express, Certified, Registered, Insured and Delivery Confirmation mail is delivered as expeditiously as possible on the same day it is received. Mail Services requires a UT Arlington employee to sign for these classes of mail.

Section III. Campus Mail
  1. Campus mail is distributed within the University without the payment of postage.

    1. This service is limited to:

      1. budgeted units of the University conducting official business;

      2. registered faculty or staff organizations that have been certified to use campus mail. The use must be for a public purpose that is related to the educational mission of the University and must comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and with the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System.

    2. Campus mail should not be used:

      1. For solicitation of new members to an existing organization;

      2. To mail newsletters or other bulk mailings which are customarily mailed from state or national organizations.

      3. To advertise or endorse commercial products or services or for other private gain purposes;

      4. For partisan political purposes; or

      5. For religious purposes.

    3. Questions regarding the use of campus mail should be directed to Steve Burdette, Assistant Director of Mail Services at ext. 2-2990.

Section IV. Postage Mail
  1. Suspicious Mail

    Mail Services personnel have been trained in recognizing mail or packages that might be detrimental to the health of the University population and to ensure that it is not distributed until certified as safe by UTA Safety Office. However, if departments or activities receive something they consider suspicious, UTA Police Department should be contacted immediately.

    1. Do not touch the piece after the initial contact.

    2. Call your supervisor to verify your concerns and continue with the following steps ONLY if your concerns are verified.

    3. Stop all activities and evacuate all personnel in the immediate vicinity of the piece.

    4. Turn off all air handling equipment and close all doors and windows in the area.

    5. Contact the UTA Police and they will contact the office of the U.S. Postal Inspector if deemed appropriate.

  2. Ownership of Mail/Opening of Mail by Departments

    The ownership of mail addressed to this institution or to an individual by name or title at the address of this institution rests with UTA Mail Services. The legal obligation of the USPS ends with mail delivery to Mail Services. Mail Services is restricted for official state business use; therefore, personal mail should not be directed to this institution. Mail Services will not separate the mail for an individual in lieu of delivery to the appropriate department. The department from this point on is responsible for the delivery and/or opening of mail. The department chairperson or department head may decide proper procedures for handling incoming mail within their department. It is recommended that items marked "personal" and/or "confidential" be forwarded to the addressee unopened.

  3. Non-Deliverable Mail

    The Executive Director of Mail Services, or designees, is authorized to open and distribute, or return unidentified or otherwise non-deliverable mail. Unidentified mail is mail that does not have any of the following information in the addressee line or the information is not valid:

    • Department Name,

    • Intended Recipient's Name,

    • or Box number.

    Unidentified mail that is marked "Personal" and/or "Confidential", or the intended recipient is unknown, will be returned unopened to the sender.

  4. Postage Mail

    Postage mail is defined as mail requiring the affixing of postage and/or the use of permits and is destined for delivery by the U.S. Postal Service. All mailings sent to Mail Services for processing must include an Account Bar Code Card. Account Bar Code Cards are obtained by submitting the proper request form to Mail Services. All mail must show a departmental return address. Specific instructions must be shown on the piece of mail as to service(s) desired. All qualified First Class letter mail will be mailed at the First Class Presort postage rate.

    It is the best practice to request a postage estimate and review of large projects to ensure it meets USPS guidelines prior to printing.

  5. Delivery

    Incoming and outgoing mail must include a department name and/or an individual's name and a correct box number. Improperly addressed mail may be delayed.

  6. Classes of Mail

    Questions regarding classes of mail should be directed to Mail Services at ext. 2-2794.

    1. Certified Mail - Mailable matter that possesses no intrinsic value, i.e. documents, legal correspondence, etc. Must be mailed at First Class Rate plus Certified fee. A return receipt may be used with Certified Mail.

    2. Insured Mail - First Class Mail and Standard Mail may be insured. The item being mailed must have intrinsic value. The fee is calculated according to value of item. A return receipt may be used with Insured Mail.

    3. Registered Mail - First Class Mail and International Mail may be registered. Fees will vary with appraised value. Documents with no appraised value must be clearly marked, "NO VALUE". U.S. Postal Service packaging guidelines must be followed. No plastic or cellophane tape may be used on the exterior of the item. A return receipt may be used with Registered Mail. Contact Mail Services at 2-2794 before mailing International Registered Mail to ensure delivery is available.

    4. Express Mail - Mail requiring expedited delivery. This delivery is "Next Day" or "Second Day" depending on location within the United States. Contact Mail Services at 2-2794 before mailing International Express Mail to ensure delivery is available. Express Mail envelopes and labels are available from Mail Services. A return receipt may be used with Express Mail.

    5. Delivery Confirmation - First Class parcel or packages can be mailed using a delivery confirmation tracking form. Forms are available from Mail Services.

    6. Flat Rate Shipping - First Class flat rate shipping envelopes and boxes are available from Mail Services.

    7. International Mail - All International letter mail is processed through a certified mail carrier who provides the best delivery rate. Packages and boxes are weighed to determine the best rate/carrier option. International Express mail is only available through USPS. Proper customs forms must be completed and affixed to your packages.

Section V. Special Types of Mail
  1. Standard Mail

    To qualify for a lower postage rate the option of Standard Mail is available. To be accepted at Non-Profit or Standard Rate, mailing must meet the following conditions:

    1. The mailing must be pre-approved by Mail Services to insure it meets USPS and UT Arlington guidelines.

    2. Mailings being processed by off campus mailing services must obtain pre-approval from Mail Services before depositing at USPS. The official address for permit mailings must be correct on all submitted forms to the USPS (UT Arlington, 800 S. Cooper, Arlington TX, 76010). Your departments name and contact number must be included for accounting procedures.

    3. The mailing must be of at least 200 pieces or weigh at least 50 pounds for Non-Profit and 500 pieces for first class.

    4. The mailing must include the correct indicia indicating the University's permit number in the upper right hand corner of the mail piece where the stamp usually appears. For assistance in using the correct indicia, contact Mail Services at 2-2794.

    5. The departmental return address must appear in the upper left-hand corner of each mail piece.

    6. First Class mail pieces are to be sorted by zip code into ascending order. Multiple containers are to be numbered to reflect this order. Zip code order is no longer required for basic Non-Profit letter mailings.

    7. The department's name, account to be billed, number of pieces, and sample mail piece will be provided to Mail Services.

    8. Mailing is to consist of domestic mail only.

  2. Business Reply Mail

    The addressee pays the postage fees for this type of mail. Mail Services must approve the format for this type of envelope before use.

  3. Postage Due

    Incoming mail that contains insufficient postage will be paid by the department of the addressee. Mail Services requires an account number from each department to properly bill these charges.

Section VI. Departmental Box Numbers, Departmental Charges, Supplies and General Information
  1. Departmental Box Numbers

    Mail Services assigns all departmental box numbers. Contact Mail Services at 2-2794 for more information.

  2. Departmental Charges

    Mail Services bill monthly through OIT. Any questions regarding the monthly statement should be directed to Mail Services at 2-2794.

  3. Supplies

    Mail Services supplies U.S. Postal Service mailing forms, tubs, mail trays, and postal updates to the departments.

  4. General Information

    Please contact Mail Services at 2-2794 for current postage rates, regulations and processing procedures.

Forms and Tools/Online Processes





UT Arlington Mail Services provides UT Arlington's faculty and staff with various services related to the processing of mail. Per UTS153, Campus Mail-Use by Faculty and Staff Organizations, registered faculty and staff organizations and university departments conducting official university business may use campus mail. University employees must pay attention to the directions for the various classes and types of postage mail offered to ensure that their mail is processed correctly.

Related Statutes, Policies, Requirements or Standards

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