Procedure 12-1

General Information

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Telecommunication Services

Revision Date: 28 July 2005

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  1. Telephone System

    The University of Texas at Arlington telephone system is a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) manufactured by Nortel (Northern Telecom). The PBX including instruments, lines, voice mail and voice switching equipment is owned by the University. This does not include pay telephones installed at various locations on campus. The system upgrades, expansion, and associated cost are financed by a monthly charge to each of the departments for the number of telephones installed and the particular service provided on each instrument.

  2. Billing and Accounting

    1. Telecommunication Services will produce a monthly telephone billing for each department. Amounts shown represent all costs applicable to your extension number(s) as calculated by the University's telephone accounting system. With ever increasing costs, it is essential that each department head monitor these departmental bills closely.

    2. Accompanying your telephone bill will be an itemized, detailed list of long distance calls. If a call is deemed to be unidentifiable, contact Telecommunication Services for instructions. If this becomes a continuing problem, you have the option of restricting any station of its long distance capabilities. Refer to "Changes of Equipment" section.