Procedure 12-2

Long Distance Calling

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Telecommunication Services

Revision Date: 18 February 2013

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  1. Long Distance Authorization Codes

    1. All telephones on campus are restricted from making long distance calling unless you have been approved for and issued a long distance authorization code number. For proper control and accounting, an authorization code must not be shared with another employee or used by anyone other than the person to whom it is issued. If your department deems it necessary for you to make long distance calls, a written request on your behalf must be issued by your department head. Please forward the request to, with the following information:

      1. Department name and account number to be charged.
      2. Name and extension number of the person utilizing the authorization code.
      3. Name and extension number of the Department Head requesting the authorization code be issued.
    2. Cards must be picked up at Telecommunication Services, Room 109, Office and Classroom Building, 710 S. Davis St. Call extension 25011 for information or questions.
    3. If an authorizations code card is lost or stolen, immediately contact Telecommunication Services so the code can be cancelled.
    4. To discontinue the use of an authorization code, an email requesting the cancellation with the person's name and extension, and account number should be forwarded to
    5. Personal long distance telephone calls should not be charged to the institution and must be reimbursed by the employee if charged inadvertently. Reimbursement must be the cost of the call.
  2. Long Distance Dialing Instructions

    1. Dial *16 from a push button phone.
    2. Enter your private authorization code.
    3. Dial 9,1, the area code and the number.

    NOTE: UTA switchboard operators have been instructed not to place long distance calls for individuals. All such calls must be dialed directly from your station.

  3. Record Keeping for Long Distance Calling

    Assignment of long distance authorization codes and long distance phone costs charged to University accounts requires that appropriate records be maintained. All department account managers and employees should be aware of the following:

    1. Department Account Managers have responsibility for reviewing the monthly listing of all long distance telephone calls and for signing the "Extension Detail Report", whether or not any personal calls have been made during the month covered by the long distance telephone call billing. Department Account managers also have responsibility for reviewing telephone billings and expense records
    2. Department Account managers must follow the institutional record retention schedule with respect to all official university records, including records of long distance telephone calls. University records must be maintained for the remainder of the current fiscal year plus three years.