Procedure 12-3

Telephone Installation, Changes and Repairs

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Telecommunication Services

Revision Date: 28 July 2005

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  1. Telephone Installation

    Requests for telephone moves, changes, installations and removals should be forwarded in writing to The following information should be included in the request:

    1. Department name and account number.

    2. Contact person, location, and telephone number.

    3. Name of the person for which the telephone is to be assigned.

    4. Location for new installation, change, or disconnection.

    5. Installation requests should include the type of instrument that is needed (i.e. single line, multi-line, and any other equipment required).

    6. Indicate if this addition is to an existing number or if a new station number is needed.

    If there are any questions on the request procedures, contact Telecommunication Services, at 25011 or email

  2. Telephone Repair Procedures

    Repairs will normally be provided during regular working hours. Requests for repairs should be made by contacting Telecommunication Services at 25011. For emergencies affecting a major portion of the campus phone system during other than normal working hours, contact should be made with the Campus Police at 23381. Police personnel will then contact the on call technician. Repair requests for individual telephones, or minor portions of the system that are not considered essential during night operations will be held until the following day for repair.