Procedure 17-1

Electronic Access Review

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Mav Express

Revision Date: 03 September 2010

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Procedure Objective

This procedure provides guidelines for reviewing electronic access lists to ensure that they are current and accurate.


All UT Arlington campus areas where access is controlled electronically.


Mav Express Office
  • Provide, upon request, current list of patrons who have access to a particular entry point

Directors or other Staff (Approved Requestors) Responsible for Maintaining Current Elecronic Access Lists
  • Request from the Mav Express Office at least annually current access lists for their respective areas

  • Review access lists for accuracy and request any needed revisions



Section I. Area Requests Current Electronic Access List
  1. Each department or area requesting electronic access to any entry point shall assume responsibility for ensuring that the list of those who currently have access to these areas is accurate and that patrons who have been provided access have a legitimate need.

  2. A request for a current list of those with electronic access will be sent to the Mav Express Office at least once annually by each department or area having requested electronic access in the past.

    1. The frequency of request and audit will be at the discretion of the requesting department or area and should be dependent on the amount of electronic access request activity and/or the sensitive nature of the areas where access is requested.

    2. It is recommended that areas with frequent access changes, frequent changes in the list of approved requestors, and areas granting access to restricted areas and/or areas of sensitive nature (e.g. Chemical labs) be audited at the end of each semester.

  3. The only acceptable channel of communication regarding access is via email using the following email address:

Section II. Mav Express Office Provides Current Electronic Access List

Upon receiving the request, the Mav Express Office will provide, in a reasonable timeframe, a current and complete list of all patrons with electronic access to the requestor's entry point.

Section III. Requestor Audits and Corrects List
  1. Upon receipt of the list provided by the Mav Express Office, the requestor will review the list and identify any patrons who should not have access.

  2. Additions to or removal from the electronic access list will be communicated to the Mav Express Office by email to

  3. If the requestor has questions regarding the inclusion on the list of "all access" people such as Campus Police, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities, and Mav Express, the requestor will contact the department whose access is in question.

  4. In such case where a given access point's control is shared among several areas, the report will display information that will identify the "area identity" of most patrons. Mav Express should be contacted should there be any ambiguity with interpreting the report.

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Electronic access to UT Arlington campus locations must be secured. In order to ensure that all patrons with access have a current and legitimate need, directors or others responsible for each area will request and audit a list of those with current access at least annually. The Mav Express Office will provide current lists.

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