Procedure 17-6

New Electronic Card-Access System Request and Installation

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Mav Express

Revision Date: 08 December 2011

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Procedure Objective

The following procedure shall provide guidelines for the request and installation of new electronic card-access systems on campus.


All UT Arlington campus areas where installing new electronic card-access systems applies.


Mav Express
  • Provides upon request, a proposal to install new electronic card-access system(s) on campus.
  • Installs, upon receipt of completed and signed proposal, the electronic card-access system(s) as outlined in the proposal.
  • Maintains system(s) until replacement is needed.
  • Process IDT for cost agreed upon in proposal.
Departmental Representative needing the new system(s)
  • Requests a proposal from Mav Express.
  • Approves and complete the proposal and return to Mav Express
  • Completes their part of the IDT process to ensure timely payment.



Section I. Department Requests a Proposal from Mav Express
  1. A department requesting installation of a new electronic card-access system must contact Mav Express and clearly define the scope of electronic card-access desired.

    1. For simple projects (i.e. install a lockset on a single door) this could be an email request sent to

    2. For a more complex system, this may require the requesting department representative to schedule a meeting (office, phone or onsite) with Mav Express staff to properly determine the scope of the project.

Section II. Mav Express Provides Proposal
  1. Upon receiving a clear scope of work (e-mail, phone, or in person) Mav Express will prepare a proposal outlining all the components and related costs to complete the project.

  2. The proposal will be made using the proper Excel form and will be converted into a PDF document.

  3. Mav Express will send the PDF proposal to the department or area representative via email.

  4. Proposals will be numbered sequentially and both Excel and PDF copies will be stored in the "Proposals" folder located in the "Mav Express" folder on the "Opal/HUC" drive.

Section III. Department Approves Proposal
  1. An authorized representative of the requesting department completes and signs the proposal and sends it back to Mav Express via e-mail as a PDF attachment.

  2. Mav Express will not begin any work until it has received a completed and signed proposal.

Section IV. Mav Express Completes Work
  1. Mav Express schedules work based on availability of staff and resources.

  2. Although department needs will be considered, availability of staff and resources will usually be the primary drivers in defining the work schedule. Mav Express will make reasonable efforts to avoid disrupting departmental activities.

Section V. Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT) Process
  1. Upon completion of work, Mav Express will initiate the IDT process.

  2. The requesting department will collaborate with Mav Express in completing the IDT process.

Section VI. Special Consideration for Doors Within Secured Areas
  1. Mav Express will not install "off-line" electronic card-access locks within a secured area unless the secured area is already controlled via electronic card access. For example, Mav Express will not install an electronic lockset for an office door that exists within a larger office suite that is secured by a lockset requiring a mechanical key. In this instance, if the department wants to install an electronic lockset for the office door, they will also need to fund the installation of an electronic lockset for the larger office suite door.

Section VII. Maintenance
  1. Mav Express will provide maintenance free-of-charge for all electronic card access components assigned to non-auxiliary departments for the lifetime of the hardware.

  2. Mav Express will charge maintenance fees for material and labor for all electronic card access components assigned to auxiliary departments.

  3. Once a component has reached the end of its useful life, i.e. it no longer works reliably and cannot reasonably be repaired, the department to which the equipment was assigned will be responsible for material and labor cost of replacement.

Forms and Tools/Online Processes

  • Mav Express Proposal Form
    Location: Opal/HUC/Mav Express/Proposals
    Original/WorkFormat: Microsoft Excel
    Format to be sent to department: PDF


"Offline" Lockset: Electronic card-access lockset that requires physical interaction to modify parameters. These locksets cannot be programmed remotely; a person must physically interact with the lockset via a portable device.


For Proposal Process: Mav Express must have a completed and signed proposal before beginning work. This ensures to Mav Express that the requesting department truly desires the work to be completed and is committed to the costs. This also ensures that Mav Express completes the agreed upon work as required.

For Doors within Secured Areas: this requirement is necessary to ensure efficient response time and proper campus security. Mav Express Office manages nearly 2000 offline doors. Since these doors need to be reprogrammed multiple times each semester, Mav Express performs nearly 30,000 individual door programing each year. Each door takes about 30 seconds to program. The time it takes to move from one door to another is a significant factor in our ability to program all doors quickly and respect our published response time. Failure to do so can significantly impact university operations including academic and research activities. Our model of operations for programming doors involves sending out several student programmers at a time to cover as many doors as possible in as little time as possible. Having to carry and use mechanical keys to access secured areas would increase our response time significantly. Also, since we utilize student workers, we cannot utilize mechanical keys for security reasons. Students check out all access cards via a biometric process. This allows us to create a link between the card, where and when it was used, and who used it.

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