Procedure 17-7

Automatic Removal of Electronic Door Access Privileges

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Mav Express

Revision Date: 08 August 2012

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Procedure Objective

To enhance campus safety and security by automatically removing electronic door access privileges in the event a department fails to timely remove the access privileges of departing patrons.

To provide information to the university community regarding an automatic process for removing electronic door access privileges based on inactive ID card account status, so departments can better manage patrons' access.


All UT Arlington campus patrons utilizing a UT Arlington provided ID card for electronic door access.


Mav Express

Ensure that the script written to automatically remove door access privileges is accurately written and scheduled to automatically execute the terms of this procedure on a daily basis.

University Departments

Ensure changes to patron status are timely updated in MyMav, Define, and HRMS, so active and inactive patron status can be readily assessed based on information existing in these databases.


Report access related concerns to department's approved access requestor(s).



Section I. Description of the Automated Process
  1. MyMav, Define, and HRMS data are reported to the Cedar database managed by OIT.

  2. Analysis of information from the Cedar database establishes a patron's active or inactive status in CS Gold (the Mav Express ID and Door Access Control System).

  3. The script, which filters data into the CS Gold system, will evaluate patron status on a daily basis.

  4. In the event a patron's status is inactive for 10 consecutive days, the script, which filters data into CS Gold, will automatically remove all related access control privileges associated with the inactive patron. Access control privileges removed shall include electronic access to university facilities and gated parking.

Section II. Impact
  1. Removal of access privileges after 10 days of inactive status is final and non-reversible.

  2. In the event an inactive patron returns to active status, university departments must submit access privilege requests in accordance with procedures 17-2, 17-3, 17-4, and 17-5.

  3. Although an annual parking permit may have been purchased and is still valid, the UTA Parking Office has instructed Mav Express to remove electronic parking access when a patron falls under the rules of this procedure, as the patron no longer has an active relationship with the University.

Section III. How to Avoid Unnecessary loss of Electronic Door Access Privileges
  1. Since the data that determines the active status in CS Gold originates from MyMav, Define, and HRMS, departments must ensure that any eligible patrons are kept active in these associated systems (MyMav, Define, and HRMS).

Section IV. How Departments Can Assist with Optimizing Campus Safety and Security.
  1. Department should NOT keep a patron active unnecessarily.

  2. If a patron does not have a current relationship with the university, the patron should be inactivated in the appropriate system.

Section V. Resolution of Access Status Issues
  1. For questions related to managing patrons' active status in Define/HRMS, please contact the Human Resources department.

  2. For questions related to managing patrons' active status in MyMav, please contact the MyMav team at OIT.

  3. For questions related to your access privileges, please contact your department's approved access requestor.

  4. If you are a department head or an approved access requestor and have questions related to adding or removing access privileges, please contact Mav Express at

  5. For specific questions regarding HRMS processes, please contact the Human Resources Department.

  6. For specific questions regarding MyMav processes and the CEDAR database, please contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Forms and Tools/Online Processes



Approved Access Requestor: An approved access requestor is a full-time university employee who has been authorized by a department head to request electronic access privileges to campus facilities for the benefit of department's patrons. Approved requestor's act under the supervision and authority of the department head and are responsible to comply with procedures established by the Mav Express Office.

Inactive Status: The patron does not have a system showing an active official relationship with the university. For employee that generally means no active employment assignment. For students, many factors can determine a patrons' active status including enrollment and housing assignment. For university affiliates, it means that the assignment in the HR system or the account in My Mav (whichever applies) has expired and has not been renewed by the sponsoring department.


Departments are responsible per procedure 17-2, 17-3, 17-4, and 17-5 to immediately request removal of electronic access privileges when an individual is no longer eligible; however, departments often fail to timely remove access control privileges.

Although departments are required per procedure 17-1 to perform an annual audit of access privileges granted by the department, this annual audit process does not occur frequently enough to ensure an ineligible patron is timely removed.

By automatically removing access privileges after 10 days of inactive patron status, campus safety and security is enhanced. This approach provides a reasonable balance between risk management and convenience. The 10-day grace period accommodates situations where an individual may be inactive for a very short period of time because of situations such as:

  • A student is dropped from class for non-payment, but is then promptly reinstated.
  • A faculty member is temporarily on leave, and there is a delay between when the faculty members paid appointment ends and zero appointment begins.
  • There is a delay between when data updates in MyMav, Define, and HRMS are communicated to the Cedar database.

Related Statutes, Policies, Requirements or Standards

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