Procedure 2-1

Establishing Cost Centers

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

Sponsoring Department: Accounting Services

Revision Date: 24 August 2015

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  1. Establishing Cost Centers

    Cost centers are established to maintain control of specific funds. To establish a new Cost center, complete the Request for New Cost Center (Form 2-1) and send to Accounting Services. The Associate Vice President for Business Affairs will approve. Upon approval, the Cost Center Manager will be notified of the new cost center number along with the chart field string to be used for UTShare. Questions concerning the use of the form should be directed to the Office of Accounting Services.

  2. Maintaining Cost Centers

    If any of the following change after a cost center has been opened, please complete and forward an updated Request for New Cost Center (Form 2-1) to Accounting Services:

    • Purpose
    • Source of Income
    • Expenditure Restrictions
    • Signature Authority
  3. Closing Cost Centers

    If a cost center is to be closed, the Cost Center Manager should forward a written (email is acceptable) request to Accounting Services. The balance of the account must be zero before it can be inactivated.