Procedure 2-12

Transfer of Funds

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

Sponsoring Department: Accounting Services

Revision Date: 03 November 2004

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  1. Transfer of Funds

    Transfers of funds may be made only within an account group (i.e., from a 14 account to another 14 account, from a 19 account to another 19 account, etc.).

    1. To request a transfer of funds on a state account (14 account), enter VT1 at the command line in *DEFINE.

    2. To request a transfer of funds on 18, 19, and 29 accounts, enter VT2 at the command line in *DEFINE.

    3. To request a transfer of funds on a 30 account, complete a Request to Transfer Funds form or send a memo to Accounting Services with the following information:

      • Debit account number and credit account number
      • Amount to be transferred
      • Reason for the transfer
      • Signature of account administrator
    4. Transfers CANNOT be made within a 30 account from one budget category to another (i.e., from 30-1100-01-96 to 30-1100-01-50). Only transfers from one 30 account to another 30 account can be made (i.e., from 30-1100-01-96 to 30-1100-05-96).

    5. Contact the Office of Research for transfers from Grant accounts (26 accounts).