Procedure 2-12

Transfer of Funds

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

Sponsoring Department: Accounting Services

Revision Date: 24 August 2015

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Transfer of Funds

Transfers of funds are generally made only within a fund group (i.e., from a 2xxx to a 2xxx, from 31xx to a 31xx).

  1. To request a transfer of funds for state or local cost centers (2xxxxx, 3xxxxx, 4xxxxx), complete the Funds transfer document in UT Flow.
  2. To request a transfer of funds for gift or endowment funds (55xx or 56xx), complete a Funds transfer document in UT Flow or send a memo to Accounting Services with the following information:

    • Debit cost center number and credit cost center number
    • Amount to be transferred
    • Reason for the transfer
    • Signature of cost center manager
  3. Transfers CANNOT be made within a 55xxxx or 56xxxx from one budget account to another (i.e., from A1200 to A4000). Only transfers from one cost center to another cost center.
  4. Contact the Office of Research for transfers involving Grants/Sponsored Projects (126xxx or 1xxxx project ids).