Procedure 2-17

Processing Exemptions and Waivers

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

Sponsoring Department: Student Financial Services

Revision Date: 07 December 2009

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  1. Purpose

    Exemptions and Waivers are authorized by state statutes. Some Exemptions and Waivers are required to be honored by institutions of higher education, for others the ultimate decision to offer an Exemption or Waiver lies with the institution.

  2. General Methodology

    1. Waivers typically allow a student to enroll without paying tuition and some or all fees.

    2. Exemptions allow a student to pay Texas resident tuition for eligible students who would other wise be required to pay the higher non-Texas resident tuition.

    3. Exemptions and Waivers are processed by the use of Equation Variable Codes.

      1. In most cases, students receiving Exemptions or Waivers are charged the normal registration amounts. An additional line item credits the appropriate Exemption or Waiver amount.

    4. Business Services completes the setup in MyMav required to provide Exemptions and Waivers to students. Questions regarding Exemptions and Waivers or Equation Variable set up and entry in MyMav can be directed to the Student Financials area of Business Services by email MYMAVSF@LISTSERV.UTA.EDU.

    5. Equation Variable Codes are entered by term for a specific career.

    6. Exemptions and Waivers information is published at, choose Exemptions and Waivers. Exemptions and Waivers information is also available at Board of Regents-statutes and Texas Administrative Code.

  3. Exemptions and Waivers Equation Variable Entry

    1. Exemptions and Waivers are entered by entering a specified code in the equation variable screen.

      1. Codes must be entered per term and for a specific career.

      2. The office authorized to grant the Exemption or Waiver typically enters Equation Variables.

    2. Equation Variable codes are entered as an Exemption, Waiver, or other.

      1. First digit=3, enter as Exemption (1st field)

      2. First digit=E, enter as a Waiver (2nd field)

      3. First digit=X, enter at other (3rd field)

  4. Reporting

    1. Business Services maintains financial reports each term of all students granted an Exemption or Waiver.

      1. A fee audit report is run after the 20th class day, exemptions and waivers based on employment status are audited at that time. Students found to be ineligible will have the equation variable removed and charged back the waived amount.

    2. Equation Variable codes are set up in a manner to facilitate CB Reporting by the Institutional Reporting Office.