Procedure 2-46

Removal of Equipment from the University Premises

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

Sponsoring Department: Property Management

Revision Date: 16 September 2015

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Procedure Objective

This procedure provides procedural guidelines for the removal of equipment from the university premises in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and policies. Procedures concerning how to remove campus equipment from the University for university use and what to do when returning equipment to the manufacturer for repair or replacement are included in this procedure.


University-owned property may only be removed from the University and other university facilities if it is for official university use. Removing university-owned property from the University for personal use is strictly prohibited by rules and policies. This procedure addresses the necessary steps to take when removing university-owned property from the University premises.


All university personnel who remove university-owned property from the University premises.

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Personal Property: Any possession of the State of Texas having sufficient value to warrant inclusion in the fixed asset financial reports or due to the nature of the asset that is required to have management controls placed upon it. Personal property does not include consumable items nor does it include real property such as land or buildings, improvements to land or buildings, or infrastructure.

Stolen: Any equipment missing by theft, whether by forced removal, burglary, theft by employees, or other criminal acts.

Missing: Equipment whose disappearance cannot be explained.


University employee(s) and University departments involved in the Removal of Equipment from the University Premises

  • Completes Removal of Equipment from University Campus (Form 2-47), has the form signed by the Department Chair or Director, and retains for their records.

  • Assumes financial responsibility for the property when the equipment is taken off campus



Section I. Equipment Removed from Campus for University Use

University-owned property may be removed from the campus and other university facilities to be used in conducting official business of the University. Such property may not be used for personal business.

  1. When an item of equipment is taken off campus, the individual doing so assumes financial responsibility for the property.

  2. When equipment is removed from campus for university use, Removal of Equipment from University Campus(Form 2-47) must be completed, signed by the person responsible for the equipment and also signed by the Department Chair or Director. A copy should be kept on file in the responsible department and a copy given to the employee.

  3. When the equipment is returned to campus, the date should be noted on the original form.

Section II. Equipment Returned to Manufacturer for Repair or Replacement

When it is necessary to return equipment to the manufacturer for repair, it is important that the serial number and inventory tag number assigned to the equipment be recorded and kept in the department's files.

  1. If the item is to be replaced, the inventory tag should be removed before being returned to the manufacturer.

  2. When the replacement piece of equipment arrives, the department needs to inform the PM Office of the change so that a new inventory tag number can be assigned.

Forms and Tools/Online Processes

  • Inventory Transaction Form (Form 2-45)
  • Removal of Equipment from University Campus (Form 2-47)