Procedure 2-49

Central Receiving and Central Receiving Services

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

Sponsoring Department: Asset Management

Revision Date: 17 September 2013

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Procedure Objective

This procedure provides procedural guidelines for the recording and processing of supplies and equipment that are delivered to Central Receiving. This procedure includes guidelines on what information to report when supplies and equipment are delivered to Central Receiving. Also, this procedure includes information about the inspection of supplies and equipment received and the notification and delivery of the received items to university departments. In addition, this procedure explains the various services offered to university departments by Central Receiving.


State law maintains that a state agency is responsible for the custody and care of property in the agency's possession and is responsible for maintaining property records of its inventory. Moreover, it is necessary to record and inspect items purchased for accounting purposes. Thus, it is essential to record and process equipment and supplies that are received by Central Receiving.


All university departments that have supplies or equipment delivered to Central Receiving and/or use Central Receiving Services.

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ProCard: The Purchasing Card (ProCard) Program is authorized by the State of Texas, Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS), through a contract with Citibank. The ProCard is a Citibank MasterCard. The program is designed to delegate authority and capability to purchase certain low-value items directly to the account manager. Use of the ProCard significantly reduces the requirement to obtain purchase order numbers, process invoices for payment and prepare large numbers of voucher/payment documents.

Purchase Order: Written authorization for a supplier to ship products or provide a service at a specified price, which becomes a legally binding contract once the supplier accepts it.


Central Receiving
  • Checks, records, and inspects all supplies and equipment that are received by Central Receiving

  • Provides moving services, table/chair setup and moving crates

  • Moves furniture and equipment from the departments to Surplus Property

  • Picks up the departments pre-boxed documents for document destruction (please refer to Shredding of Records Through Asset Management (Procedure 2-74) for additional information)

University Departments
  • Check and verify all merchandise delivered to the department by Central Receiving

  • Notify Central Receiving within three (3) working days of any discrepancy concerning the shipment and delivery of received merchandise

  • Notify Central Receiving in advance to request use of chairs, tables, moving crates, and moving services


Section I. Delivery of Supplies and Equipment
  1. When using a Purchase Order Number (P.O.) all supplies and equipment ordered with a P.O. Number are delivered to the receiving dock at the Wetsel Service Building. Procurement card (ProCard) purchases can be delivered directly to the department or to Central Receiving.

  2. The Central Receiving loading dock is located at the north end of the Wetsel Building located at 1225 W. Mitchell. The receiving dock hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. When supplies and equipment are received at the University Central Receiving loading dock, receiving personnel will check the merchandise against the purchase order or packing slip. A receiving report will be completed indicating items received, back ordered, short or damaged. This report will accompany the merchandise when delivered to the university department. The requisitioned or a delegated representative will be requested to sign for the shipment. A copy of the receiving report will be left with the department for record purposes.

  3. All merchandise should be checked and verified by the department as soon after receipt as possible. If, within three (3) working days, the department does not notify Central Receiving by phone at 23276 or e-mail at of any discrepancy concerning the shipment, the payment process will be initiated in the Accounts Payable area of Business Affairs.

  4. There will be exceptions to the three (3) day notification on some shipments that appear technical in nature and would require a longer period of time for department verification.

  5. Partial receipt of an order will be handled in the same manner as above using a partial receiving order.

Section II. Central Receiving Services
  1. Moving Services: Central Receiving handles minor moves for the university departments.

    1. The departments will be charged $25.00 per man hour with a minimum of $35 if the move takes 20 minutes or less. If the requested move is too large for the Central Receiving staff to handle, you will be referred to an outside moving service.

    2. Moving services can be requested by email at, or by fax at (817) 272-5220. The preferred method is email. Requests must include an account to charge and the charges will be made by Interdepartmental Transfer Entry.

  2. Moving Crates: Central Receiving will furnish Moving crates upon request.

    1. Central Receiving has portable crates available for moving. Use of these crates will require a department representative signature at check-out. If not returned, the department will be charged replacement costs of $45.00 per crate and $50.00 per dolly.

  3. Table/Chair Setup: Central Receiving has tables and chairs for use at campus events.

    1. The charge for set-up is $25.00 per man hour with a minimum charge of $35.00 if it is drop off only. There is a usage fee of $5.00 per table.

    2. To reserve or request table and chair use, send a request to or fax memorandum to (817) 272-5220. Requests must include an account to charge and the charges will be made by Interdepartmental Transfer Entry.

  4. Document Destruction: Central Receiving coordinates the shredding of pre-boxed documents for university departments.

    1. The cost for pick-up and shredding of paper documents by Central Receiving is $9.50 per box, and the fee for hard drives is $5.00 per hard drive.

    2. To request pick-up for shredding, the requesting department will complete the top portion of Document Destruction Request Form (Form 2-50) and the entire Record Disposition Log (Form 13-6). Once the requesting department has completed the top portion of the destruction request form, the form should be e-mailed to, or faxed to ext. 25220. Central Receiving will contact the requesting department to schedule a pick-up time. For more information regarding document destruction, please see Shredding of Records Through Asset Management (Procedure 2-74).

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