Procedure 2-64

Records of Materials and Supplies Consumption

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller

Sponsoring Department: Property Management

Revision Date: 16 September 2015

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Procedure Objective

This procedure provides procedural guidelines for the use of supplies and/or expendable property purchased with funds from contracts or grants. Procedures concerning the need and how to maintain records of such purchases are included in this procedure.


There are no general requirements from Government agencies for reports of supplies used; however, occasionally there have been individual requests for providing such information. Accordingly, it is considered to be good business to establish minimum requirements at UT Arlington.


All University departments that use supplies and/or expendable property purchased with funds from contracts or grants.

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Expendable property: Property this is expended or consumed in use. It includes raw and processed materials, supplies, small tools, etc.

Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI):A term used generically herein to refer to the individual with primary responsibility for a contract or grant. The terms Project Director and principal investigator are synonymous in this publication and will be indicated by PD/PI.


Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI)
  • Maintains records of supplies purchased and used with contract or grant funds



Section I. Usage

The internal operating procedures of the department or center should ensure that supplies acquired with Federal funds are not used to support UT Arlington research and development activities. Conversely, supplies purchased with UT Arlington funds should not be used on U.S. Government research and development activities.

Section II. Records

Records of supplies purchased and used with contract or grant funds must be maintained by the PD/PI

  1. At a minimum, the PD/PI shall establish and maintain records on supplies to show:

    1. Contract and grant number

    2. Purchase order number and date

    3. Cost of purchase

    4. General description and quantity of supplies

    5. Name of company from which purchased

  2. These records will be retained for at least six months following the termination of the contract or grant.

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