Procedure 21-1

Handbook of Operating Procedures

Responsible Officer: University Attorney

Sponsoring Department: Office of University Compliance and Legal Affairs

Revision Date: 05 December 2016

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Procedure Objective

This procedure establishes guidelines for ensuring that official university policies are current and compliant with all applicable federal and state laws, UT Regents' Rules, and UT System policies, as well as any requirements of the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges, and any additional recognized need for an institutional policy.


All UT System institutions are required to publish and maintain a Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) containing the policies of the University. Policies published in the HOP are reviewed by the University's HOP Committee and any additional identified stakeholders. In addition, HOP policies must be approved by the UT System's Office of General Counsel before they can be published. The HOP Policy 1-200 generally describes procedures, responsibilities, etc. in content required by UT System. This procedure adds instructional detail for implementation of the Policy.


This procedure applies to official policies of the University of Texas at Arlington published in the Handbook of Operating Procedures. The policies may affect various or all segments of the campus community, including faculty, staff, students, and visitors.





Section I. Scheduled Review of Policies

The HOP Committee will review each policy section contained in the Handbook of Operating Procedures every four years or more frequently if an emergent need is recognized.

The order in which HOP sections are reviewed may change within each four-year cycle due to changing priorities

Section II. Collection of Stakeholder Input to New or Changing Policies

Upon receipt of proposed new or changing policies to be reviewed, the HOP Committee will contact individuals or committees reporting to them and will include their input in the committee review process.

Section III. HOP Committee Meetings

The HOP Committee will meet once each month, subject to change if needed, to provide input to, or approve policies under consideration. An agenda listing policies to be discussed will be distributed to the committee prior to each meeting. The Policy Coordinator or his or her designee will provide follow-up as needed.

  • Revisions will be incorporated in the current draft and answers to questions will be collected. New drafts will be distributed for review.
  • Policies that are approved by the committee will be forwarded to the President by the Policy Coordinator. The Policy Coordinator will notify the committee of any revisions made by the President.
Section IV. Approval and Publication
  • Policies approved by the President will be forwarded to the Office of General Counsel (OGC) for review and approval. Revisions required by OGC will be incorporated into the policy and the Policy Coordinator will notify the committee of these revisions.
  • Upon receipt of official approval from OGC, the policy will be published online in the Handbook of Operating Procedures. The published version will be in the format approved by the OGC. The publication or revision date will be the date of approval by OGC.
  • A quarterly communication will be distributed to Vice Presidents, directors and organizational equivalents providing links to policies introduced or changed within the last quarter.
  • Official versions of HOP policies are posted in the Handbook of Operating Procedures. Other sites should link to the official version and not replicate them in order to retain the integrity and currency of the policies wherever they are accessed.
  • A history of publication and revision will be maintained electronically.
Section V. Review of Supporting Procedures and Forms

After approval of a new or changed policy, associated procedures and forms that implement and support the policy will be reviewed in order to ensure continuity.


HOP Committee:The committee authorized by the President to review and make recommendations regarding the HOP to the President. The committee is chaired by the Policy Coordinator.

Policy Coordinator:The person or office appointed by the President to coordinate the drafting, revision, review, approval, and publication of university policies. The University Attorney is the Policy Coordinator.

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