Procedure 3-24

Employee Separation and Clearance Process

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 15 January 2015

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  1. Policy

    The Employee Separation and Clearance procedure is designed to assure that all departing employees of the university are separated from employment properly and any university property, keys and any outstanding debts owed to the University are cleared prior to the employee's departure. In addition, departing employees are encouraged to participate in a confidential exit interview process.

  2. Employee Separation Process and Procedure

    The employee Separation must be completed in the UTShare System for all employees, regardless of type, when they leave the university, have a break in service, or transfer to another department on campus.

    The appointment will need to be terminated in UTShare, even if it has previously expired.

    • Training and Development, a division of Business Affairs has provided a comprehensive guide to UTShare processing on their website. If there are any questions about completing this step not covered in the UTShare guide above, please contact Human Resources, Employee Relations for assistance at 817-272-5554.
  3. Employee Clearance Process and Procedure

    The Employee Clearance Form must be completed and submitted to Human Resources for all employees; student employees are included even if they do not have items to clear. Should an employee depart without completing the Employee Clearance procedure, the university may choose to take all appropriate steps required to ensure the return of all university property and/or the collection of any debts owed to the university at the time of the employee's departure.

    • The department must print out the completed Clearance Form before or after it is submitted electronically, so that the form can be signed by the applicable offices.
      1. *(Faculty, GTA's, and TA's that worked in the Spring do not need to be separated if they do not work in the summer as long as they are returning in the fall.)
        1. The department must notify MavExpress for Removal of Access Privileges for the departed employee. Faculty and Staff Identification Cards (Mav Express ID) (Procedure 17-2)
          1. The department is responsible to take the Clearance Form for signature to Key Control, Parking and Central Library for any employee who departs before a Clearance Form is completed.
          2. Employee Clearance (Form 3-16) Instructions

            1. The Employee Clearance form must be completed on-line.
              1. After completion of the input form click on the "Submit" button. You will be prompted to enter your Employee ID and password and the electronic email notification will be sent out to the designated departments.
                1. Give the Employee Clearance form to the employee for completion of the clearance process. The terminating employee must hand deliver this form to the Key Control Office, Parking Office and Central Library. The employee must return the form to the employing department for final signature.
                  1. After all signatures have been attained the department will send the signed copy to Human Resources for retention.
                  2. Distribution List for Email

                    • Key Control

                    • Parking

                    • Information Technology

                    • Account and Business Services

                    • Human Resources

                    • Payroll Services

                    • Telecommunication Services

                    • Mav Express

                    • Library

                    Departments receiving the email with attachment must process in accordance with information designated on the clearance form, immediately or on the close of business on the date of separation. Refer to paragraph 3 for departments' responsibilities.

                  3. Employee Exit Interview Process and Procedure

                    1. All separating University employees should complete the Exit Interview process. Information about this program is available online at The employee can complete this process online at

                    1. Responsibilities

                      The email notification of a transfer/separation will serve as the original Employee Clearance form and all departments, with the exception of the Key Control Office, Parking Office and Central Library, listed in paragraph 2c(4) will process the form upon receipt and in accordance with the clearance form information. If the "Urgent Processing Required" checkbox is checked, all accesses and passwords must be canceled upon receipt. Otherwise, all accesses and passwords will be canceled on the close of business on the last day worked.

                      1. Employing Department

                        The employing department must complete and submit Employee Clearance (Form 3-16) and forward/route the following documents to the Office of Human Resources prior to the transfer/termination/LOA:

                        Personnel Action Form (PAF), Vacation/Sick Leave Voucher, and/or Overtime Voucher, if employee is terminating or deceased.

                        Employee Separation Process
                        • The employing department will prepare Employee Clearance (Form 3-16) for every on-campus transfer or termination and provide departmental clearance by collecting departmental keys, credit cards, tools, uniforms, LOK-IT Encrypted USB Drive (Info Security Office) or any other University property in the possession of the employee (refer to paragraph 2). Also, the department will ensure that research and laboratory personnel return any hazardous chemicals or materials or radiation film badges to the department stockroom or that these items are placed under the control of a responsible person. The department may require additional clearances that are unique to the employing department's operations, i.e., petty cash funds and cash funds (designated custodians).
                        • Collect Faculty/Staff I.D. Cards, Long Distance Telephone Identification Cards, travel credit cards, gasoline credit cards and purchasing cards.
                        • Verify that custodians have properly accounted for cash funds.
                        • Advise the terminating employee to contact Human Resources for benefits information.
                        • Verify employee's forwarding address, telephone number and forwarding email address.
                        • Give the transferring/terminating employee a copy of the Employee Clearance Form for clearance with the Key Control Office, Parking Office and the Central Library. Instruct the employee to return the form to the employing department for final signature. If the terminating/transferring employee has not been assigned any keys, parking hang tag or issued Library books, then these items and the signature line for Key Control, Parking Office & Central Library should be marked N/A on the printed copy of the Employee Clearance form.
                      2. Terminating/Transferring Employee

                        The terminating/transferring employee, after completing the employing department clearance, shall take the Employee Clearance Form to the Key Control Office, Parking Office and the Central Library (Circulation Desk). When all items have been cleared and proper signatures have been obtained, the Clearance form must be provided without delay to the employing department for final signature. Prompt delivery of the form will ensure timely payments and refunds without interruption in benefits, if applicable. The employee must retrieve important files from his/her computer prior to the end of the last work day. After the termination day, accounts and files will no longer be accessible. The terminating employee will be billed for UTA property that is not promptly returned.

                        • Key Control Office: Collect all University building keys, room keys and fees for lost keys from the employee who is terminating. Terminating employees must not transfer keys to any other person prior to departing.
                          1. Parking Office:

                            1. Verify that all outstanding citations have been paid.
                              1. Collect the parking decal.
                                1. Inform the employee of procedures for obtaining a parking fee refund, if applicable. The Parking Office will also provide notice to the payroll office to stop deduction for parking fees, if applicable.
                                2. Information Technology: Cancel all computer access, i.e. network, MyMav, etc.
                                  1. Employing Department: Department head receives LOK-IT Encrypted USB Drive.
                                    1. Accounting & Business Services: Cancel all credit card use, i.e. purchasing, travel, gas, etc. Cancel DEFINE access.
                                      1. Telecommunication Services: Cancel long distance dialing authorization.
                                        1. Mav Express: Deactivate the employee's Mav Express Card.
                                          1. Central Library: Verify that all books have been returned. Collect fines and lost book fees.
                                            1. The Employing Department will send the clearance form immediately to Human Resources after all clearances and signatures have been obtained. HR will maintain the original Employee Clearance Form in the official employee personnel file.