Procedure 3-28

Employee Complaint Procedures

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 26 October 2018

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  1. Purpose

    It is the policy of The University of Texas at Arlington to encourage fair, efficient and equitable solutions for problems arising out of the employment relationship and to meet the requirements of state and federal law.

  2. Scope of Complaint Policy

    Complaints concerning wages, hours of work, working conditions, performance evaluations, merit raises, job assignments, reprimands, the interpretation or application of a rule, regulation or policy will be handled in accordance with the procedure outlined below.

    Probationary, temporary and as needed employees who have been discharged may not appeal the termination decision. However, allegations that a termination was for unlawful discriminatory reasons shall be processed through the procedure outlined herein.

    1. The complaint of all employees, except faculty, including probationary and temporary employees and those hourly or per diem employees who work on an as needed basis will be considered pursuant to the procedure provided below.

    2. Retaliation Prohibited - No employee will be penalized, disciplined or prejudiced for exercising the right to make a complaint or for aiding another employee in the presentation of that complaint.

  3. Procedure for Bringing forth a Complaint

    The employee shall make an appointment with a Human Resources Business Partner in the Office of Human Resources within five (5) days of the date of the action. The employee should clearly identify the reason for the complaint in writing and include the remedy the employee is requesting. The Human Resources Business Partner will hear the complaint informally and make a determination regarding whether the complaint warrants an investigation or not within five (5) days of the meeting with the employee. It will also be determined if the complaint warrants filing a formal complaint with the appropriate vice president, dean or administrative equivalent or their designee. Informal complaints not satisfactorily resolved by the Human Resources Business Partner may be appealed in writing to the vice president, dean or administrative equivalent, or their designee within five (5) days. If the complaint is elevated up to the vice president, dean or administrative equivalent, or their designee, this individual will have ten (10) days to respond to the complaint. This decision is final.

    If the vice president or dean is the subject of the complaint, the entire process will be handled by the Human Resources, Employee Relations department. Human Resources will have ten (10) days to respond to the complaint. The Human Resources' decision will be final.

    The written complaint and all decisions or responses regarding such complaint shall be a part of the personnel file of the employee.