Procedure 3-3

Employment Procedures

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 30 April 2014

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  1. General Policy

    All appointments to positions in the classified service shall be made on the basis of merit, funding availability and in keeping with the Regents, Rules and Regulations, Rule 30102. Persons outside the university service may be appointed to positions or the positions may be filled in accordance with the conditions set forth in these regulations by the promotion, demotion, or transfer of university employees.

  2. Types of Positions for Purposes of Appointments

    For purposes of appointment, positions shall be of the following types:

    1. Regular Employee (see definition 3-2, 14)

    2. Temporary Employee (see definition 3-2, 15)

    3. Administrative and Professional (Non-Teaching) (see definition 3-2, 1)

  3. Procedures

    1. When a staff opening exists, either because of a newly created position or because of the loss of a previous employee in a position due to termination, transfer or promotion, the department will submit a completed Hiring Request Questions to Submit to Hiring Review Committee (Form 3-207). All regular full-time and part-time position vacancies (except faculty) must be advertised through the Careers website. All positions must be advertised as outlined below:

      • External Recruitment - Minimum of five (5) business days. May close position any time after 5:00 pm on the fifth business day.
      • Campus-wide Recruitment - Minimum of five (5) business days. May close position any time after 5:00 pm on the fifth business day.

      It is recommended that for certain administrative professional openings that a vacancy be listed at least two weeks. A department may waive posting a position by obtaining prior written approval from Human Resources if there are a sufficient number of applicants already in the Human Resources applicant pool or if the department internally promotes an employee.

      All postings and advertisements shall identify any security-sensitive position or identify a position as being within a security-sensitive area and shall specify any additional requirements for employment in that position or area in accordance with New Criminal Background Check Procedure.

    2. Vacant positions will not officially open until the position appears on the Careers website. Therefore, all local and out-of-town newspapers or special publication ads shall be published simultaneously.

    3. An employing department having more than one vacant position with different titles, must submit separate requisitions for each position.

    4. Major educational requirements, qualifications, and duties must be described briefly on each Hiring Request Questions to Submit to Hiring Review Committee (Form 3-207). Educational requirements and qualifications for that position must correspond to the University Job Description maintained in the Office of Human Resources.
      1. The Office of Human Resources may require an on-site job audit to validate the classification of the position before the opening is posted.
      2. Recruitment

        The recruitment of all persons for classified positions will be conducted by the Office of Human Resources. Recruitment of administrative professional (non-teaching) personnel will be coordinated with the Human Resources and Affirmative Action Departments whose responsibilities are to ensure that the institution's policies and procedures are adhered to with respect to the equal opportunity and affirmative action programs. This institution is committed to fill each position with the best qualified person without regard to their race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, disabilities, veteran status, or sexual orientation. In order to accomplish this objective the following procedures will be followed:

        1. An application for both classified and administrative/professional positions must be completed by each applicant. Applicants who apply for employment directly to an administrative office should be referred to the Office of Human Resources regarding employment opportunities at the university.
        2. When there is difficulty in filling a position and it becomes desirable to advertise the opening in the various news media to generate a proper flow of applicants, the following procedures will apply:

          1. Local and Out-of-Town or Special Publications Media Advertisements listing the various job openings will be submitted to the newspapers and special publications through the Office of Human Resources by the hiring department and submitted to the Hiring Committee along with the Employee Requisition. Employment Representative will have the responsibility for contacting the appropriate newspaper or special publication.

              1. The Employment Representative will contact the appropriate newspaper or special publication and coordinate all aspects of the advertisement.
                1. The hiring department will have the responsibility of contacting the appropriate media outlet to pay for the advertisement.
              1. Pre-Employment Testing

                Normally, pre-employment testing will be administered by the Office of Human Resources.

                1. Other departments administering their own test must first have the test reviewed by the Vice President for Human Resources. The Vice President for Human Resources will review contents for compliance with the law and the Affirmative Action Plan.
                  1. The Vice President for Human Resources will review the test with the Affirmative Action Officer. The Affirmative Action Officer will, in accordance with the Affirmative Action Plan and the law, qualify the test, and determine whether the test has any adverse impact upon minorities.
                  2. Interviewing

                    The hiring unit is responsible for interviewing applicants for its positions. Applicants referred to the hiring units will not be interviewed by the Office of Human Resources.

                    1. All applications will be pre-screened by the Office of Human Resources according to the specified requirements outlined in the job posting to determine whether the applicants meet the minimum qualifications of the position in the hiring unit. Applications will then be referred to the hiring departments. After reviewing the applications, the department is to set up interview times with the applicants it wishes to interview. Interview questions should be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources prior to the hiring department conducting the interview. Only the applicants that best match the job qualifications need to be interviewed.
                    2. Interviews conducted by the hiring unit should be concerned with the applicant's qualifications as related to duties and responsibilities of the position, as well as conditions of the work. Interview questions should be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources prior to the hiring department conducting the interview.
                    3. The Office of Human Resources will, when required, administer pre-employment tests (i.e., typing, spelling). The required testing must be completed before an offer is made. Departments should first conduct interviews and only test those who are finalist(s) after the interviews. It is recommended that administrative officers do not administer their own tests to applicants since federal regulations require any test be validated.
                    4. On or before the new employee's first day of employment, the hiring department will obtain a signed release for a driving record check if the individual is required to drive a university vehicle, see Driving Records/Training (Procedure 8-6).
                      1. The Office of Human Resources will obtain a criminal background check for all positions. Falsification of application is grounds for immediate termination. Individuals falsifying information related to prior criminal convictions may be immediately terminated.
                      2. Selection

                        After interviewing applicants referred by the Office of Human Resources, the hiring unit will select the best qualified applicant without regard to their race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, disabilities, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

                        1. It is recommended that the hiring department obtain written and/or verbal reference checks on applicants being considered for a specific opening.
                        2. The hiring unit will notify the Office of Human Resources as to the applicant it has selected, including such pertinent information as rate of pay, date of employment, and any special conditions of employment.
                        3. The hiring department is responsible for notifying all individuals not selected.
                          1. The hiring department will obtain transcripts from individuals hired as required and forward a copy to the Office of Human Resources. Positions advertised requiring a degree or a specified number of college hours require a transcript upon acceptance of the position.
                          2. Employment Offer

                            The official offer of employment will be made by the employing department. Once the employment offer is accepted by an applicant, the employing department will establish the starting date and notify the Office of Human Resources. The Human Resources department will create an electronic appointment document in the UTShare system.

                            1. Interview questions and the applicant's answers for every applicant interviewed
                              1. Screening devices/tools used to screen applicants
                              2. Employment Requirements

                                Chapter 651.005, Government Code states: "An agency in any branch of state government may not hire a person as an employee if the person is of the age and gender that would require a person residing in the United States to register with the selective service system under federal law, unless the person presents proof of the person's (1) registration with the selective service system as required by federal law; or (2) exemption from registration with the selective service system." This legislation applies to males between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six who are citizens of the United States and those males of the specified ages identified as nationals. (A national is a person who may not be a citizen of the U.S., but owes allegiance to it.) Proof of registration or exemption should be made a part of the employee's personnel file when they begin employment.

                              3. Sign-up and Orientation

                                Each newly hired employee must report to the Office of Human Resources for sign-up within three days of employment. In order to be placed on the payroll on a timely basis, the new employee will complete and sign withholding, basic insurance and retirement forms, as well as produce adequate documentation to show that he/she is authorized to work in the United States. At this same time, these individuals will be asked to complete and certify an immigration form I-9, refer to Completion of Immigration and Naturalization Service Form I-9 (Procedure 3-58). This form must be filled out on each new employee within three days of the date of hire. Failure to do so will subject the university to fines. All new employees must also provide their original social security card to satisfy State and Federal payroll requirements.

                                1. Sign-up sessions are Mondays at 3:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 8:30 a.m.
                                2. During sign-up such employees will be scheduled for a formal orientation. Normally, the orientation sessions will be held the first Wednesday of each month between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. This is subject to change due to enrollment.
                                3. Orientation will include a full explanation and discussion of employee benefits programs, plus various other topics.
                                  1. Employees who have been on a leave of absence for 12 months or longer and returning to an active status are required to attend orientation.
                                  2. Exceptions to Normal Recruitment Procedures

                                    Should the hiring unit wish an exception to normal procedures and practices such as waiving a posting period, waiving education and/or experience requirements or allowable salary rate, it must obtain prior approval from the Vice President for Human Resources.

                                  3. University Transfers

                                    A position opening may be filled by the transfer of an employee from one department to another department under the following conditions.

                                    1. The employee interested in transferring will apply online by creating an online resume-based application.
                                    2. Employees may be considered for a transfer after completing six months in their present position. Although permission to transfer is not required after six months of service, the employee should give the present supervisor two weeks notice.
                                    3. An employee who has not completed the initial six months of continuous employment may request in writing exception to these requirements. Such requests should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources and should include reasons why an exception should be granted.
                                    4. The employee possesses the minimum qualifications for the position.
                                    5. No increase in pay is awarded at the time of the transfer if it is to a position with the same job title or salary range.
                                    6. Transferred employees are not subject to a new probationary period if the initial six months of continuous service has been satisfied.
                                    7. The employee's accrued vacation and sick leave balance are transferred to the new employing unit.
                                    8. All employees in the classified service shall be subjected to reassignment from work at one physical location to comparable work at another location as the operating needs of the university require. Insofar as possible, such changes of stations shall be made with due consideration to preferences of employees, but consideration of operational need shall be determinative.
                                      1. An employee who is under consideration for a transfer will follow the New Criminal Background Check Procedure.
                                      2. Temporary Appointments

                                        The posting of positions lasting less than four and one-half months is not required unless there is a special need to actively recruit applicants; however, all proposed temporary positions must be vetted by the Hiring Committee. An extension of up to 90 days temporary appointment may be approved by the Office of Human Resources in order to complete a specific project. If a temporary position continues beyond the 90 day extension, then formal recruitment procedures must be initiated. Where a temporary position has been posted, the normal procedures for filling it will be applicable. Any temporary position may not last longer than 6 months out of a 12 month period. If a temporary position is going to last longer than 6 months, Classification and Allocation of Positions (Procedure 3-4) must be followed.

                                        1. All appointees to temporary positions will be paid as hourly employees, unless the employee has a concurrent appointment in a budgeted position. In these instances, the second appointment must also be established as a budgeted position. Temporary appointees of less than 4-1/2 months will not be eligible for benefits. However, anytime an appointment extends to four and one-half months or beyond, the temporary employee will be eligible for benefits.
                                        2. To facilitate the work of a department, research project, etc., any classified employee may, during emergencies or other special circumstances, be temporarily assigned to other duties for a period not to exceed six months and during that time may receive the appropriate rate of pay. However, an employee may not be assigned to those duties for more than six months during a twelve month period.
                                        3. During a temporary assignment, a supervisor may not

                                          1. award a merit salary increase to the employee
                                            1. promote or demote the employee, or
                                              1. reduce the employee's salary.
                                              1. Reemployment of a Discharged Person

                                                Persons who have been discharged from the university are not eligible to re-apply for another position unless the department has indicated otherwise on the Employee Separation form. Requests for exception will be considered on an individual basis by the Vice President for Human Resources and must receive prior approval before re-employment.