Procedure 3-31

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Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 11 October 2004

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  1. Prohibition against Political Aid and Legislative Influence

    1. General Policy

      The use of State funds for the purpose of influencing the outcome of any election, or the passage or defeat of any legislative measure is strictly prohibited.

    2. This prohibition shall not be construed to prevent any official or employee of the State from furnishing to any member of the Legislature or committee upon request, or to any other State official or employee or to any citizen, information in the hands of the employee or official not considered under law to be confidential information. Any action taken against an employee or official for supplying such information shall subject the person initiating the action to immediate dismissal from State employment.

    3. No funds under the control of this institution, including but not limited to State appropriated funds, may be used directly or indirectly to hire employees or in any other way fund or support candidates for the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of government of the State of Texas or the government of the United States.

    4. None of the funds appropriated by the legislature shall be expended in payment of the full or partial salary of any State employee who is also the paid lobbyist of any individual, firm, association or corporation.

    5. No employee of any State agency shall use any State-owned automobile except on official business of the State, and such employees are expressly prohibited from using such automobile in connection with any political campaign or any personal or recreational activity.

    6. None of the monies appropriated by the State shall be paid to any official or employee who violates any of the provisions of this section.

    7. Employees choosing to assist at the polls on Election Day are to be granted vacation leave, in accordance with Vacation Leave Policies (Procedure 3-9).

  2. Employment under Grants and Research Contracts

    The research effort at The University of Texas at Arlington employs many employees who are paid from grants and research contracts. It should be recognized that these are to be administered within the "Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System", and the established policies and procedures of The University of Texas at Arlington. Therefore, such grants, projects, and research contracts will be administered within the same fiscal and personnel policies as other areas of the University. All personnel who will work on grants, projects and research contracts should meet all University employment requirements and will be subject to the Personnel Pay Plan and the same regulations and policies as other employees. Questions concerning recruiting, employment, classification, or other personnel matters should be referred to the Office of Human Resources. To avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, such questions should be settled prior to any agreement with an employee or prospective employee.

  3. Payment of Consulting and Similar Fees for Specific Short-Term Assignments to Faculty and Staff of Other UT Component Institutions and to Personnel of Other State Institutions and Agencies

    Refer to Payroll Services Section, Payments for Professional Services (Procedure 1-19)

    1. Faculty and Staff of Other UT Component Institutions Consulting fees and lecture fees, in addition to regularly budgeted salaries, will not be paid by UT Arlington for the service of an employee of another institution of The University of Texas System (other than allowable travel reimbursement) unless it is expressly found by the President that it is in the interest of The University of Texas at Arlington and the State of Texas to do otherwise. Such exceptions shall be approved in advance by the President using an Authorization for Consulting Services form as well as the president of the institution by whom the consultant or lecturer is employed. Copies of both authorizations shall accompany the payment voucher.

    2. Personnel of Other State Institutions and Agencies Interagency Cooperation Contracts shall be used for such situations insofar as practicable as determined by the President. If an Interagency Contract is not used, such payments may be made under the provisions of Sec. 5a above. The written prior approval of the President using an Authorization for Consulting Services form and the written approval of the chief administrative officer or agency must be obtained. Copies of both of these authorizations shall accompany the payment voucher.

  4. Indebtedness to the University

    Vacation lump sum payments and any other payments, excluding final paycheck, shall not be made to an employee, his/her agent or assignee, who is indebted to the University or to the State until such debt is paid.