Procedure 3-35

Inclement Weather and Campus Emergency

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 02 August 2013

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  1. During Non-Business Hours

    In the event that weather or conditions are such that normal campus operations could be impeded, the President or his designee will be responsible for determining whether classes will be canceled or delayed and whether University offices will be closed or opened late. University Communications will distribute information about a campus emergency or inclement weather such as: closings, class cancellations and delayed openings through Trailblazer Extra alert e-mails to students and through MavWire Extra alert e-mails to faculty and staff. The information will be published on the University's Web page and will be distributed rapidly to area broadcast, online and print media. Members of the University community also may call the UT Arlington Emergency Notification Hotline at 1-866-258-4913 for a current description of campus operations.

  2. Continued Operations

    If a decision is made to close the University, certain critical areas shall be required to continue operations. These areas are:

    1. University Police - All employees will report for the regular shift.

    2. Physical Plant - Employees designated by the Director will report for work.

    3. Housing & University Center - Employees designated by the Director will report for work.

    4. Any other area deemed critical by an appropriate administrative officer.

  3. Time keeping

    Absences on days when the University is open will be charged to accrued vacation. If the absence exceeds the length of the employee's accrued vacation time, the excessive absences will be deducted from the employee's next paycheck.

    1. If an employee is on vacation leave, sick leave or is using previously approved compensatory time off when the University must close due to a campus emergency or inclement weather the time that the University is closed will not be charged against the employee's accrued leave.

      For example, if the University is closed for four hours due to a campus emergency or due to inclement weather the employee who is on leave would only count four hours as leave time and other four hours would be considered "other leave with pay".
    2. An employee who is normally scheduled to be off would not be compensated or otherwise benefit when the University is closed.

      For example, if an employee is normally scheduled to be off on Wednesdays, (the employee's "regular" day off versus Saturday or Sunday) and the University closes on a Wednesday, the employee would not be entitled to "other leave with pay".
  4. Compensatory Time

    Employees required to work in the above areas when University offices are closed will receive compensatory time, or if an hourly wage, their regular pay.

  5. Applicability

    The provisions of this policy shall apply to all employees, regardless of the nature of employment or the time of the work shift. Non-academic positions that require student status as a condition of employment are not eligible for inclement weather leave.