Procedure 3-37


Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 11 October 2004

Errors or changes to:

  1. It is the policy of the University that all employees report to work regularly and punctually. Leaving the job without permission, being tardy or taking extended lunch or rest breaks violates acceptable standards.

  2. When it is necessary for an individual to be absent, the employee has a responsibility to notify the supervisor immediately. Failure to do such may result in disciplinary action.

  3. An employee absent for an extended period of time, whether for illness or family illness, must have regular contact with the supervisor or department head.

  4. Excessive absenteeism may result in disciplinary actions, as well as termination.

  5. An employee absent for three (3) days without any contact with the supervisor or department head will be terminated.