Procedure 3-39

Death of an Employee

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 30 April 2014

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  1. General Policy

    The Office of Human Resources should be contacted immediately by the employing department.

  2. Procedures

    The employing department will be responsible for contacting the Human Resources Office and preparing or creating a separation form in The UTShare System, and all terminating paperwork such as Employee Clearance (Form 3-16).

    1. The Electronic Change Document or Personnel Action Form (PAF), will immediately route or hand deliver to the Budget and Financial Planning Office upon notification of death.
      1. The employing department will be responsible for collecting University property; i.e., keys, uniforms, vehicles, cash funds, library books, gate keys, outstanding debts, University identification cards, etc.
        1. Surviving dependents will be counseled by a Human Resources representative regarding continuation of insurance and beneficiaries will be advised of life insurance and retirement benefits and options available.
          1. The Office of Human Resources will work closely with the Offices of Budgets and Financial Planning and Payroll in order to process the final check as quickly as possible.
            1. The Office of Human Resources will make arrangements with the Director of Payroll to pick up the final checks, which may include paid sick and vacation leave, if applicable, in order to deliver it to the family.
            2. Sick Leave

              In the event of the death of an employee who has an accrued sick leave balance, the estate will be paid for one half of the accrued sick leave balance or for three hundred thirty six hours of sick leave, whichever is less. The payment will be calculated at the employee's rate of compensation at the time of death.

            3. Termination Date

              Payment will be made for a full day of sick leave on the day that death occurs, regardless of the time of death. If the death occurs on the first of a month, then the premium sharing will be applied to cover all or a portion of the insurance premium regardless of whether or not the first of the month is a regular working day.