Procedure 3-44

Volunteer Service

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 24 May 2016

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  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance for campus departments who wish to utilize volunteers.

  2. Conditions

    Volunteer service is subject to the following conditions and terms:

    1. A volunteer is an uncompensated individual who performs services that augment the work of the faculty and staff and should never replace paid workers, displace paid workers, impair the employment prospects of paid workers, provide services in competition with paid workers, or perform work which would otherwise be performed by paid workers. As such, volunteer activities are expected to be part-time and sporadic. A volunteer may only perform a single element of an established position at the University. Services of volunteers should be considered non-essential and non- critical to the operations of the department and should not require special technical, research, or health care skills or abilities. Volunteers may not participate in or perform in research or teaching roles and may not provide clinical care.

    2. No employer-employee relationship shall be deemed to exist between an individual serving in a volunteer or other non-remunerative position at the University. Please note the following individuals are not eligible for participation in the volunteer program: 1) high school students that are serving with a faculty member in an academic capacity are not considered volunteers; and 2) International students that are part of an academic exchange program are also not considered volunteers.

    3. A volunteer whose appointment has expired must be reappointed before continuing in the volunteer service. All volunteer appointments will terminate at the end of a fiscal year.

    4. A department representative must contact Human Resources when the voluntary service is terminated during the appointment period.

    5. Volunteers are not covered under The University of Texas System workers' compensation insurance programs.

    6. Volunteer positions carry no title in the University's classified pay plan.

    7. Individuals appointed to volunteer positions are not eligible to participate in any employee benefits program administered by The University of Texas at Arlington.

    8. In the event of a change of status from a volunteer position to a part-time or full-time position, no credit shall be given for the time spent in a non-remunerative status with respect to benefit or retirement programs.

    9. Individuals who have been dismissed for cause from employment with the University or who were not employed as the result of a background security check shall not be eligible for volunteer service with the University, except with the prior authorization of the Vice President of Human Resources.

    10. The University ID cards will not be issued for volunteer service.

    11. The University parking office will issue a visitor's parking permit, which allows access to open and student parking lots. Access to the gated lots will not be permitted. A volunteer will be allowed one parking permit per semester and no fee will be required. A copy of the approved Notice of Voluntary Service (Form 3-8) must be presented to the University parking office before a permit will be issued.

  3. Application Process

    1. In order to be considered for approval as a volunteer, Human Resources must first receive the following documents:

      1. Complete the Notice of Voluntary Service(Form 3-8) and attach a photocopy of proof of the right to work in the United States (typically a driver's license and Social Security card.) A Foreign National with a visa status that permits on-campus work qualifies for right-to-work status and needs to submit a photocopy of the appropriate document(s).

      2. Complete the Criminal Background Check (Form 3-9).

    2. All documents must be sent to Human Resources for approval. A volunteer may not begin service until approval is received.

  4. Volunteer Restrictions Imposed for Minors

    Volunteers who are less than 18 years of age are considered to be minors and are subject to the same restrictions imposed in Minimum Age Requirement (Procedure 3-51). Volunteers who are minors shall not be required or permitted to engage in any activity or setting deemed to be hazardous except as allowed under Minors in Laboratories or Similar Facilities (HOP 5-308). Refer to Minimum Age Requirement (Procedure 3-51) for age limitations and restrictions.