Procedure 3-50

On-campus Student Employment

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 27 January 2016

Errors or changes to:

  1. General Policy

    It is the policy of the university to be in compliance with all federal and state laws, regulations, and procedures. The university will pay student employees at least federal minimum wage or a higher rate based on the salary range, duties, level of responsibility, and experience required for the position.

    Students are eligible for workers' compensation benefits if injured while performing duties within the course and scope of employment. Refer to Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI) (Procedure 8-7) for further details regarding Workers' Compensation Insurance.

    This policy addresses the following job titles: 0064 Tutor, 0072 Student Assistant (exempt), 0073 Student Associate (exempt), 0074 Student Assistant (work-study only), 0075 Student Associate (work-study only), 0076 Student Assistant, 0077 Student Associate, 0078* High School Student, and 0079 Non-affiliated Student Worker.

    *Job code 0078 is exempt from the posting requirements.

  2. Departmental Procedures

    It is the responsibility of the department to:

    • Post the vacant position with Students Needing A Part-time Job (SNAP Job). All positions must be posted a minimum of five (5) business days.
    • Departments may have a student return to the same position after a winter or summer break in service without posting the position.
    1. Create and maintain the student's job description. The job posting created in the system may serve as the job description or the department may create its own but it shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

      1. Name and address of the employing department.
      2. Purpose of the student job.
      3. Descriptions of the student's essential and non-essential duties and responsibilities.
      4. Job qualifications.
      5. Any departmental policies that impact the job (confidentiality, dress code, non-use of telephone for personal calls).
      6. Rate of pay or the range of pay.
      7. Length of the employment (beginning and ending dates).
      8. Names of the primary and alternate supervisors.
    2. Select applicants to be interviewed. Interview questions do not need to be submitted to, or approved by, Human Resources.
    3. Select the applicant for the position. Factors to consider when making the selection shall include, but are not limited to:

      • overall needs of the department

      • appropriate skill level for the position

      • time of day when the work must be completed

      • number of hours required each week

    4. If the position is security sensitive, have the student complete the Criminal Background Check (Form 3-9) and forward to Human Resources. UTA shall conduct the criminal background investigation before the hiring official makes the employment decision. If circumstances require that an offer be made before the completion of an investigation, the offer must be in writing and is contingent on the completion of a satisfactory criminal background investigation.
    5. After the position has been offered and accepted, the hiring official shall:

      1. Complete the placement information in the SNAP Job system and email the name of the applicant to
      2. Give the new employee the employment/payroll packet for completion, verify that all documents are complete and certify the I-9 after review of the documents presented for proof of work authorization and identity.
      3. In accordance with Texas Government Code, Chapter 651.005, if the selected applicant is a male ages 18 through 25, have the student provide proof of compliance with selective service law.
      4. Give the new student employee a time sheet and explain the importance of maintaining accurate records. Verify the entries on each time sheet for accuracy.
      5. Explain the university and departmental rules.
  3. Applicant Procedures

    All students desiring on-campus student employment with the university must:

    1. Register with the SNAP Job system found at
    2. Search and apply for available positions. Work-study students may apply for both work-study and non work-study jobs.
  4. Eligibility

    Individuals appointed to Student Assistant and/or Student Associate (including work-study) positions must be enrolled with the University of Texas at Arlington during the fall and spring semester. Individuals appointed to Non-affiliated Student Assistant positions must be enrolled in another university-level institution. Individuals appointed to High School Student positions must be enrolled as a high school student. Enrollment requirements are waived during the winter and summer sessions. It is the responsibility of the hiring department to verify the student's enrollment status.

  5. Appointments

    1. It is the responsibility of the department to complete an electronic document in the UT Share system to place the employee on the payroll. The job posting number must be included in the "comments" section of the document.
    2. Work-study appointments should be strictly held to 19 hours or less per week. No work-study student should ever be permitted to work full time or be in an overtime situation.
    3. It is recommended that student employees not be appointed in more than two departments in a given semester.
    4. The title is to be determined by the department based upon the complexity of the work.
    5. The salary is determined by the department based on complexity of the work and internal departmental equity AND must be within the established pay range.
    6. Students covered by this policy, regardless of the percent of time appointed, are not benefits eligible in accordance with Texas Insurance Code, Chapter 1601.101 and Texas Government Code, Chapter 822.002.
  6. Time Sheets

    Time sheets are to be maintained in the employing department with a copy of the electronic voucher. Computerized time sheets will not be available for new employees the first pay period.

  7. Records

    It is important that the Office of Human Resources maintain accurate records for student employees. The employing department must verify the social security number, account number, title code and name on all employment documents before submitting to the Office of Human Resources.

  8. Condition of Employment

    Students appointed to positions covered by this policy are subject to the following:

    1. Accrue state service.
    2. Are not eligible for In-state Resident Tuition, based on the appointment.
    3. Are not eligible for retirement contributions, vacation/sick leave accruals or longevity pay.
    4. May be terminated at any time for misconduct, non-performance of job duties, inability to perform job duties, lack of funds, or the elimination of the position.
    5. May grieve matters relating to corrective and/or disciplinary action pursuant to Employee Complaint Procedures(Procedure 3-28).
    6. Are not eligible for leave without pay.
  9. Terminations

    The employee should give the supervisor advance notice of resignation. Upon termination, the department must submit a completed separation form to the Office of Human Resources and create an electronic separation document in the UTShare system to terminate the appointment. A clearance form may be needed in addition to the separation form if there are items to be cleared such as computer access, keys, etc.