Procedure 3-62

Wellness Program (Quest)

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources

Sponsoring Department: Human Resources

Revision Date: 26 February 2014

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  1. Purpose

    The University offers a Comprehensive Wellness Program for full-time and part-time employees who are benefits eligible and retirees of the University. This program includes: 1) physical fitness activities and 2) wellness education programs.

  2. Programs

    The Department of Campus Recreation ( offers a variety of University sponsored wellness activities including informal recreation, intramural sports, swimming and aquatics programming, adaptive recreation and fitness/wellness programming at the Maverick Activities Center (MAC). Nutrition consultations, massage therapy, group exercise, instructional classes, fitness testing and personal training are all available. Recreation activities include walking, jogging, racquetball, badminton, biking/cycling, rock climbing, basketball, volleyball, swimming, weight training, etc. Additionally, free educational seminars (Food for Thought) are also held once a month during working hours (Fall and Spring only) on a variety of wellness related topics. MAC membership is not required to participate in the educational seminars. However, it is required for all other programs and recreational activities.

  3. Release Time

    Up to 1.5 hours of release time may be granted each week for the purpose of participation in physical activities to Living Well Release Time members who are full-time employees. Participation must have supervisory approval and approval will be based on operational needs. Participation shall not interfere with job performance. Part-time employees are not eligible for the release time. Release time requires annual enrollment expiring August 31st of each year. A new release time form must be submitted for renewal.

    1. The release time must be recorded on the employee's time sheet as "O" (Other Absence - Paid).

    2. The time must be spent in physical activities or a structured Campus Recreation program, class or Food for Thought.

    3. All activities must be on University property.

    4. A supervisor may request documentation of participation.

    5. Participants may take 30 minutes, 3 times per week and must contribute equal amounts of their own time to the physical activities.

    6. Time may not be split or carried over from one day to another.

    7. Supervisors may revoke release time at any time.

    8. Release time will not be considered in the calculation of total hours worked. Overtime pay or compensatory time will only be granted when the total hours worked is in excess of 40 hours in a workweek (Monday through Sunday).

    9. Quest Release Time Form (Form 3-76) can be obtained at the Services and Info Desk at the MAC.

    Release Time Examples:
    1. Employee leaves the office at 11:45AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and returns at 1:15PM. During that time employee travels to the Maverick Activities Center (MAC), changes clothes, participates in an hour aerobic class, changes clothes again and travels back to the office. Thirty minutes was release time and the other hour was the employee's own time for lunch.

    2. An employee has a large project on Monday and is unable to leave the office for 1.5 hours, one hour for lunch and 30 minutes release time. Employee will not be able to carryover the 30 minutes of release time to Wednesday or any other day. The release time in this case is forfeited.

    3. Another employee works with the grounds crew and is already outside. At 11:30AM the employee goes for a walk around the campus and in the neighborhood for one hour and at 12:30PM sits under a tree and eats lunch. At 1:00PM returns back to the work site. One hour is the employee's own time and 30 minutes is authorized release time.

    4. Mondays and Fridays are very heavy days for the grounds crew and all manpower must give 100% to the job. A Living Well Release Time member must workout on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There is a mishap in the sprinkler system on Tuesday and everyone has to work extra hours to fix the leak. The crew is allowed lunch breaks only. The employee stays after working hours to walk. The employee does not receive any compensation, overtime payment or compensatory time for this physical activity and receives only overtime for the extra hours actual worked. The release time will be forfeited in this situation.