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Employee Tuition Assistance Plan

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Procedure Objective

The objective of this procedure is to provide an overview of the responsibilities and procedural steps required to provide tuition reimbursement to employees of the University of Texas at Arlington. This procedure supports the University's Policy 5-520, the Employee Tuition Assistance Plan.


This procedure applies to employees of the University of Texas at Arlington who apply for tuition assistance with approved job related degree programs or courses.


  • Retrieves the application online. Completes application.
  • Must meet eligibility requirements and comply with applicable policy and procedure.
  • Makes every effort to register for courses outside of working hours.
  • Provides proof of class completion and final grade(s) and requests reimbursement.

Supervisor and Vice Presidents or Equivalent

  • Verify and approve/reject employee's Tuition Reimbursement Program Request Form.
  • Approve work schedules when class(es) is taken during working hours.
  • Ensure employee's work is performed.

Business Affairs and Payroll

  • Reviews the application to determine the amount of the reimbursement.


  • Calculates academic eligibility for continuing reimbursement.



Section I. Tuition Assistance Plan Reimbursement Process
  1. Process
    1. Employee must apply and be admitted as a student to the University.
    2. Contacts the Registrar's Office and requests an email to verify current GPA for academic eligibility for continuing reimbursement.
    3. Employee will complete and print the Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program Request Form ("Form") and submit it to his/her supervisor with the verification email from the Registrar's Office.
    4. Supervisor will verify the following:
      1. Employee has completed one year (12 months) of continuous employment with the University;
      2. Employee has a regular (non-temporary) appointment, must be appointed at not less than 50% time, and NOT employed in a position requiring student status as a condition of employment as of the first day of class of the academic term for which the tuition reimbursement is received;
      3. Employee is in active non-probationary status, received at least a satisfactory rating on the most recent performance evaluation, and is not subject to a current performance improvement plan or on administrative leave;
      4. The employee's participation in the coursework or degree program must be related to the employee's current job duties or reasonably expected prospective duties, enhance the performance of the employee's job duties and further the interests of the University; and
      5. The employee's participation will not disrupt the operations of the employing department.
    5. Upon verification of the above, supervisor will approve or deny the Form and submit it to the applicable Vice President for review. If the supervisor is the Vice President then the supervisor will return the approved/denied Form to the employee.
    6. The Vice President will review the Form to verify:
      1. participation in the coursework or degree program is related to the employee's current job duties or reasonably expected prospective duties, enhances the performance of the employee's job duties and furthers the interests of the University; and
      2. The employee's participation will not disrupt the operations of the employing department.

        The Vice President will return the approved/denied signed form to the employee. If approved the employee will continue with the following process. The Vice President's decision is final and there is no appeal process.
    7. Within thirty (30) days of the end of the semester, the employee will re-submit the Form with a copy of the transcript showing the employees final grades for the semester.
    8. The supervisor will verify the course(s) were completed, and final grades received were at least a 'C' for undergraduate courses or a 'B' for graduate courses. The supervisor will then sign the Form approving the reimbursement and submit it with the supporting documents for reimbursement as outlined in the application (3-208). If the employee did not meet the grade requirements the supervisor will disapprove the Form and return it to the employee.
    9. Business Affairs will review the application and determine the amount of the reimbursement under the following provisions:
      1. Reimbursement amount is for resident tuition, excluding statutory tuition at current rate);
      2. Reimbursement is only for on-campus University for-credit course(s);
      3. Amount is reduced by any other applicable funds received by employee as a student, including but not limited to waiver, scholarship, or other financial aid award.
    10. Upon completion of the review Business Affairs will apply credit to the employee's MyMav Account.
    11. Payroll will review reimbursed amounts annually to determine and report any taxable income to the employee as a result of a reimbursement.
    12. After the reimbursement, if an employee fails to remain employed by the University for the time required by the Form, the supervisor will notify Business Affairs, which will then reverse the prorated reimbursement credits.
Section II. Description of Benefits
  1. The tuition assistance benefit plan provides for reimbursement of resident tuition, including designated tuition, but does not include statutory tuition at the current rate or out of state tuition, following successful completion of the semester's coursework and submission of all required documentation.

  2. Fees and other non-tuition charges are not eligible for reimbursement. Reimbursement will not apply to room and board charges, textbooks and supplies, any other cost of instruction, tuition and fees for non-credit courses, executive MBA or other executive degree programs, Accelerated Online Programs, UT Online Consortium classes taken at other UT System schools, classes offered through the Division of Enterprise Development or any costs for auditing classes.

  3. Tuition reimbursement is only available for on-campus university for credit courses.

  4. Tuition reimbursement cannot be combined with any other waiver, financial aid award, or scholarship for which an individual may be eligible.
  5. Employee's spouses, children and other family members are excluded from the Employee Tuition Assistance Plan.
Section III. Authorization and Issuance of Reimbursement Payment
Upon completion of the required provisions the Vice President of Business Affairs or designee will authorize issuance of the reimbursement.
Section IV. Termination of Employment Agreement

A participating employee must sign the Form agreeing to remain employed by the UT system for at least one full month for each semester hour of tuition reimbursed, beginning with the month after the month in which the employee completed the coursework and to repay the institution for all expenses for which the employee was reimbursed if the employment terminates before the end of that period.

Section V. Termination of Tuition Reimbursement Plan
Except as may be limited by Texas law or UT System policy, the University reserves the right by action of its president or the president's authorized designee to amend or terminate the plan at any time.


Application for Reimbursement (3-208 Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program Request Form)




The University of Texas at Arlington provides tuition assistance to eligible employees in order to promote the University's institutional mission and to enhance employee benefits, recruitment, and retention.

Related Statutes, Policies, Requirements or Standards

UT System Administration Policies and StandardsOther Policies and Standards
Regents' Rule 30112 Training and EducationState Employees Training Act, Tex. Gov. Code 656.041
UT Arlington HOP Policy 5-520 Employee Tuition Assistance Plan




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