Procedure 5-1

Services Provided

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Facilities Management

Revision Date: 27 May 2014

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  1. Purpose

    Facilities Management provides services for the benefit of the university and for all persons and activities using university facilities. These services are divided into three categories: Institutional Services, Departmental Services and Auxiliary Operations.

    Facilities Management manages all campus work, but only funds Institutional Services with its annual budget. Any work for Departmental Services and Auxiliary Operations must be funded with individual operational funds from each area.

    Facilities Management personnel constantly monitor the campus and correct deficiencies when identified. Anyone encountering a problem or safety hazard with any of the facilities should report the condition to the Service Call Center at one of the following numbers:

    Institutional Services or Departmental Services2.2000
    University Housing and University Center2.2000

    Individuals can also go online to Facilities Management to complete an on-line request. Click on the yellow tab entitled "Work Order Request" and enter your information. Phones are answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for after-hour emergencies.

  2. Institutional Services

    Institutional Services are those services rendered for the overall benefit of the institution. Included in such services are heating and cooling, lighting, domestic water, elevators, custodial services, grounds maintenance, building repairs, preventative maintenance, pest control, classroom repairs, asbestos repairs/removal and safety hazard corrections.

  3. Special Services

    Services other than standard building maintenance are considered special services and chargeable to the requesting department.

    1. Departmental services performed by Facilities Management for the benefit of a department should be funded by the requesting department. The Department Chair must approve use of the department funds for these services. Facilities Management will complete a cost estimate for both materials and labor. The estimate will include a 15% service fee. *Support fees cover the cost of personnel paid from the construction account and administrative support.

    2. Campus renovations must be approved by the Space Allocation Committee before any renovations are considered if the proposed renovations will change the use of a space or the function that is assigned to the space. A request form must be completed and submitted for approval. Space renovation request forms can be found at Facilities Management oversees all renovations to a building or departmental space and charges a 6% support fee for office renovations and a 7% support fee for lab renovations. *support fees cover the cost for administrative support, design and construction management services.

      *Support fees percentages are approved by the Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations. Service fees are charged consistently to all users (federal accounts are charged the same as non-federal accounts). Billing rates do not include unallowable costs. Billing rates represent actual costs and do not include a profit margin, per Charges to Departmental Services (Procedure 2-5).

  4. Auxiliary Operations

    Services performed for an Auxiliary Operation are handled in one of two ways. Monthly on-going maintenance is billed through a VT5 document in *DEFINE. This is a monthly process and needs no pre-approvals. Larger one-time repairs or renovations are estimated and approved in advance unless it is an emergency.

  5. Campus Renovations

    The Facilities Management department oversees all renovations to a building or departmental space. Work is awarded to Contractors via sealed competitive bids, or awarded to a Job Order Contractor, or accomplished utilizing our in-house resources. Before any renovations are considered which change the use of a space in function or assignment, a request form must be completed and submitted to the Space Allocation Committee(s) for approval. Minor projects with confirmed source of funding from the requesting department may be initiated by the Facilities Management Design Team without being approved by the full Space Acquisition and Renovation Committee (SARC). Such projects will require the approval of the Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management as well as the Vice President of Administration and Campus Operations. The space renovation request forms can be found on this webpage, titled; Space Acquisition, Renovation, and Utilization Committee. Under the heading Process for Requesting Expansion Space and/or Renovations are three choices; 1) Space for new faculty and staff lines, 2) Renovations of Existing Space (Academic and non-Academic) and 3) Classroom Renovation Request, all are downloadable forms. The completed form should then be e-mailed as an attachment as noted at the bottom of the form for consideration. After it has been approved it will be forwarded to the Facilities Management Design Team for design, construction, document preparation and pricing. The renovation must be approved before the work can be scheduled on the Campus Project Listing for up-coming construction. Facilities Management and Environmental Health & Safety will complete a Life Safety Code review on all projects and include any costs into the project.