Procedure 5-10

Floor Covering

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Facilities Management

Revision Date: 01 August 2011

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  1. Background

    The purpose of this procedure is to state the policy for floor covering replacement and future installation in new, or remodeled, facilities.

  2. Service Category

    Floor covering areas are divided into two categories: Institutional (replaced by The Office of Facilities Management) and Departmental (department responsibility.) The two categories are discussed below.

    1. Institutional - (replaced by The Office of Facilities Management
      1. Areas

        Floor areas and surfaces under this category include hallways, classrooms, stairways, community areas, teaching laboratories and teaching shops. Regular floor covering for research laboratories are also normally maintained by Facilities Management.

      2. Policy

        The policy is to install a high grade vinyl tile in heavy traffic areas, such as building entrances and corridors, when the replacement of carpet or worn-out surfaces becomes necessary. The newest heavy-duty decorator styles of vinyl tile offer an attractive solution to our floor covering problems for these demanding areas. The aesthetic, acoustic, fire safety, wear and maintenance qualities will bear heavily on the final selection. Also considered will be the condition of the floor covering being replaced. Special note will be made of wear patterns, food/beverage stains, or other factors which would indicate that one floor covering should be used in preference to another.

    2. Departmental - (responsibility of department)
      1. Areas

        Floor areas and carpet surfaces under this category include offices, reception areas and conference rooms not shared by several departments. Special floor covering required specifically for a research laboratory or other activity unique to a department is normally charged to the department.

      2. Policy

        Although the department is responsible for the funding, The Office of Facilities Management is responsible for ensuring that all floor coverings installed in campus buildings meet standards, codes and specifications. Selection criteria includes fire safety, wear characteristics, resistance to stain, mode of installation, type of adhesive, and ease of maintenance/cleaning. The representative maintains a booklet of carpet samples which meet the desired safety, pattern, composition and wear characteristics for use in campus facilities. These will be made available to the departments for use in their selection. No floor covering shall be installed without The Office of Facilities Management approval.

      3. Floor Covering Request

        When a department wishes to add or replace a floor covering, a request memo should be forwarded to The Office of Facilities Management, briefly describing the department area involved, and floor covering desired. The memo may also include a request for an estimate. Upon receipt of the memo, a Facilities Management representative will contact the department's designee and make an appointment to survey the area. Measurements will be taken and samples of floor covering will be shown for selection. After a selection is finalized, the Facilities Management representative will complete an estimate which will include the detailed cost of the carpet and installation. The representative will then prepare the documentation to the Purchasing Office to be sent out for competitive bid action. After the bid process is completed, the representative will coordinate between the successful bidder and the applicable department so that the installation may be scheduled. The representative will also coordinate furniture moving requirements with the Central Stores warehouse movers (to be paid by the requesting department), baseboard installation, carpet treatment, final inspection, and will generally monitor the contract through to completion.

      NOTE: If the requesting department is on a tight schedule for carpet installation, which may not be able to be supported by Central Receiving, an alternate choice would be to pay an extra amount to the carpet company for the moving of furniture.