Procedure 5-13

Vehicle Repair

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Facilities Management

Revision Date: 09 August 2011

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  1. General

    The Office of Facilities Management has the responsibility for the routine maintenance and repair of all campus vehicles. This includes all UTA owned, leased and loaned vehicles, unless the lease/loan agreement provides otherwise. (See Paragraph 3b.) Charges for the labor and materials to complete the maintenance and repair are paid for by the departments owning the vehicles. Facilities Management has a few vehicles in the motor pool that may be rented for short periods.

  2. Vehicle Repair

    1. When a department requires maintenance or repair for their assigned vehicle(s), they should contact the Facilities Management Automotive Shop at extension 22334.

    2. Repair service also extends to UTA vehicles which break down while on the road. Facilities Management maintenance personnel will go out and bring the disabled vehicle back to the campus for repairs. Such services are also available through the fuel credit card and for those departments leasing vehicles from the University's motor pool.

    3. At the completion of any maintenance or repair work requested by the departments, an invoice is prepared listing the labor and materials expensed for the vehicle. Several invoices may be consolidated on one IDT transaction per account. The IDT will be entered through DEFINE. All information pertaining to the invoices will be notated on the VT5 (IDT Original Charges.) Departments may view this transaction, using the voucher number listed on the department's Statement of Account. Once a month the invoices are consolidated by department and IDT forms are completed for funds transfer. The original of each invoice and a copy of the IDT will be forwarded to the applicable department for their information and files.

  3. Preventive Maintenance

    1. The Facilities Management Automotive Shop has the responsibility for maintaining all files for preventive maintenance servicing and repair of campus vehicles. On a periodic, regular basis, vehicles are called in for routine service and/or the annual state inspection. This is accomplished by sending notices to departments advising them that it is time for such service to be performed on their department vehicle(s). The labor and materials for this servicing is added to the monthly billings for funds transfer.

    2. The Facilities Management Automotive Shop will be responsible for the exterior cleaning and maintenance of University vehicles. It will be the responsibility of each University department for maintaining the cleanliness of the interior of their assigned vehicle(s).

  4. Warranty Tracking

    Warranty tracking is maintained as part of the UTA MP-2 System, Automotive Maintenance file.

  5. Registration Renewals

    UTA Vehicle registrations are usually "Exempt". All other vehicles are renewed thru the Tarrant County Tax Assessor Collector.