Procedure 5-2

Night, Weekend and Holiday Services

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Facilities Management

Revision Date: 01 August 2011

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This procedure provides information regarding emergencies during and after normal working hours.

The Office of Facilities Management is organized to provide services during normal working hours. However, the Thermal Energy Plant operates 24/7 and Custodial Services has an evening shift for cleaning purposes. Emergency services during nights, weekends and holidays will require contacting Facilities Management personnel at their home for return to the campus. Non-emergency requirements occurring after normal working hours should be reported to the The Office of Facilities Management the morning of the next workday.


  1. Examples of Emergencies

    The following list is not all-inclusive, but provides several examples of what would constitute emergencies requiring Facilities Management personnel to respond after normal working hours, or requiring contact with the appropriate emergency agency.

    1. Any campus fire

    2. Gas line leak

    3. Broken water main

    4. Sewage stoppage causing flooding

    5. Electrical power outage

    6. Heating or air-conditioning outage

  2. Emergency Telephone Numbers

    1. The chart below lists emergency numbers that can be utilized in the event of emergencies.

      Emergency Numbers
      UTA Police(817) 272-3003
      UTA Police (Non-Emergency)(817) 272-3381
      UTA Environmental Health & Safety(817) 272-2185
      Arlington Police9-911
      Ambulance, Fire9-911
    2. The UTA Police Department is the primary contact for persons trapped in an elevator.

    3. For other after hours emergencies such as those in the examples above, the primary contact point with The Office of Facilities Management will be the call-forwarded number, 2.2000, which will be answered at the Thermal Energy Plant. They keep an emergency response roster and a listing of home phone numbers for contacting technicians to respond to the emergency. Anticipate some delay for the technician travel time in returning to the campus. Thermal Energy Plant personnel are not allowed to leave the Plant. They are required to contact technicians as described above.

  3. Weekend/Holiday Schedule

    In addition to the normal Thermal Energy Plant operation, the Air Conditioning and Heating Shop will maintain a weekend/holiday standby schedule. All other shops in Facilities Management will provide a list of specific names and phone numbers of personnel for emergency response (no standby responsibility). This list of names and phone numbers will be provided to the Thermal Energy Plant and the University Police Chief by The Office of Facilities Management.

  4. Safety

    In any emergency situation, safety must be a primary consideration. Any action taken or proposed should be considered from a safety standpoint, with preservation of life paramount. For example, it may be better to shut off utilities in some instances to isolate a fire, as long as it does not cause further hazards such as evacuation difficulties or explosion possibilities from improper refrigeration of chemicals. These supervisory decisions must be made on an "each incident" basis, but must be made with safety in mind.

  5. Other Non-Emergency Services

    There are some additional non-emergency services which may be provided by the The Office of Facilities Management during night and weekend periods as long as advance contact or arrangements have been made. Examples of this service include special custodial services for meeting rooms and rental of campus vehicles. Requests for special custodial services are made through the Service Call Center at extension 2.2000 and passed to the Executive Housekeeper. Requests for vehicle rental are made by checking with the Office of Facilities Management at 2.2000 and picking up the vehicle Monday through Friday between hours of 8:00 a.m. - 12 Noon AND 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., at the Automative Shop located within the Wetsel Service Center Compound at 1225 W. Mitchell St.. Special arrangements for swimming pool schedules are made through the Physical Education Department, at 23288.