Procedure 5-3

Service Call Center (SEC)

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Facilities Management

Revision Date: 09 August 2011

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  1. The Service Call Center is the primary contact point in the Office of Facilities Management for UT Arlington's department customers with identified facility maintenance or repair discrepancies (Institutional Services). The primary means for departments to request maintenance/repair (M & R) service will be by telephone or online at The Service Call Center can be contacted by phone at Extension 2-2000 (this number will be call-forwarded to the Thermal Energy Plant for emergency contact after normal working hours and on weekends).

    The responsibilities of the Service Call Center will include the following:

    1. Accepting the verbal and online requests for maintenance/repair service and providing a work order number to the customer. Reference to a work order number will make it easier for a customer to check the status of an incomplete requirement and will reduce the likelihood of a duplication of calls.

    2. Maintaining a log or listing of the status of maintenance/repair requirements until they are completed or included in larger project requirements.

    3. The creating of work orders from ones that have been phoned in as well as those requests received online for maintenance/repair service and forwarding them to the appropriate shops/trades for accomplishment.

    4. The assignment of priorities to the maintenance/repair work to maximize the service by the Office of Facilities Management to the University's departments.

    5. The scheduling and monitoring of work in progress.

    6. The coordination of various trades with parts/materials availability to minimize backlogs and unnecessary delays.

    The Service Call Center will be the single point of contact between the Office of Facilities Management and other departments for maintenance and repair discrepancies, and will provide the status of maintenance and repair work until its completion.