Procedure 5-7

Repair of Furnishings and Furniture

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Facilities Management

Revision Date: 01 August 2011

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  1. General

    The Office of Facilities Management is responsible for maintenance and repair of installed furnishings and classroom furniture in campus buildings excluding the Auxiliary funded facilities. Examples of these installed furnishings are: counters, cabinets, permanent bookshelves, display cases, permanent bulletin boards, classroom furniture and the furnishings that would not appear on a department equipment and furniture account. The furniture shown on department equipment accounts will also be maintained by The Office of Facilities Management, but the cost of materials and labor will be charged to the applicable department. When charges are made, the costing procedure will be the simplest technique compatible with the complexity of the task, and which is agreed to by the requesting department.

  2. Procedures

    1. Installed and Classroom Furniture

      Anyone noting the need for maintenance or repair of classroom furnishings may send a memo to The Office of Facilities Management or telephone the discrepancy to the Service Call Center at 2.2000.

    2. Department Furniture
      1. Minor Repair

        Maintenance and repair of a minor nature (loose screw, caster falling out, drawer sticking, etc.) may be called into the Facilities Management Service Call Center at 2.2000. There will not normally be a charge to the department for this type work. Repairs taking less than one hour usually fall into this category.

      2. Routine Repair

        Repair work that exceeds the minor category and for which a charge will be made may be accomplished with or without an advance formal cost estimate, depending on the desires of the requesting department. If the requesting department does not require an estimate, the chair may request that the work be done, and the charges billed to them. A memo requesting the work, should be forwarded to The Office of Facilities Management. Labor and materials for the repair will be charged to the department after job completion.

      3. Major Repair

        A department requesting major repairs for furniture should forward a memo requesting an estimate for the work to be accomplished. An estimate will be provided and if acceptable, the work will be accomplished