Procedure 5-9

Custodial Services

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Facilities Management

Revision Date: 01 August 2011

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  1. General

    The Office of Facilities Management is responsible for custodial services for all facilities at UTA except those funded from auxiliary funds. The majority of the custodial force works an evening shift when classrooms and offices are empty. Sufficient day shift employees are on hand during the day to clean empty classrooms for night classes and cover emergencies. Custodial Services also monitors dumpster trash pickup and oversees pest maintenance

  2. Priorities

    Areas of the buildings have been divided into these categories below, and priority cleaning will be done as follows:

    1. Rest rooms/locker rooms
    2. Corridors/public areas
    3. Executive offices
    4. Classrooms
    5. Gymnasiums
    6. Laboratories (Paper and hand soap supplied by department)
    7. Staff offices
  3. Services Provided

    Following is a general list of services provided for a typical building and the time period in which these tasks are usually accomplished.

    1. Daily
      1. Dust mop tile floors
      2. Spot mop corridors
      3. Spot mop as needed in classrooms.
      4. Clean elevator
      5. Clean rest rooms
      6. Service towels, tissue and soap dispensers in rest rooms
    2. Weekly
      1. Mop and buff corridors
      2. Sweep stairs
      3. Clean interior glass (office suites)
      4. Clean staff offices
    3. Monthly
      1. Dust vents
      2. Clean interior glass (other, as required)
    4. Quarterly
      1. Damp wipe furniture
  4. Customer Requests

    1. Most work will be accomplished through the established schedules. For emergencies such as coffee being spilled on carpet, etc., the department may wish to contact The Office of Facilities Management at 2.2000 for immediate cleaning. Non-emergency requests called into the Service Call Center are normally completed by the night shift that evening. Other items needing attention such as special shampooing requirements, insect infestations, or dumpsters that need emptying should be referred to the Service Call Center at 2.2000 or via e-mail to

    2. Departments having special space scheduling requirements, such as weekend seminars, classes, SAT tests, and parties should make arrangements with the Service Call Center. The Service Call Center will arrange to have cleanup crews available upon completion of the special event. The custodial staff for the weekend is limited to the buildings having these special activities. Extra charges may be assessed to the sponsoring department.