Procedure 6-11

Unlock Buildings

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Police Department

Revision Date: 26 October 2004

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  1. The University Police Department will unlock the outside doors (only) of buildings for classes and special events that are scheduled outside the normal open building hours, only with prior written approval from the Registrar's Office or the Chief of Police.

  2. Persons desiring to arrange to have a building unlocked must first have the scheduled activity approved through the Records Division of the Registrar's Office.

  3. Person receiving approval for a scheduled activity must contact the Chief of Police in writing three (3) days prior to the date the doors are to be unlocked to advise that the activity is scheduled and request that the building be unlocked. The person making the request should advise the Chief of Police the following information:

    1. Person's name

    2. Person's department (University affiliation)

    3. Person's phone number

    4. Name of group using facility

    5. Type of function

    6. Building to be unlocked

    7. Date(s) of function

    8. Time doors are to be unlocked

    9. Time event is scheduled to close

    10. Person in charge of function and site

    11. Approximate number of people scheduled to attend event

    12. Rooms to be used

  4. Submission of a Campus Events Information Sheet will usually provide all the necessary information relative to Student Activities. Under no circumstances will the Police Department be expected to open University buildings that are not regularly scheduled to be opened.

  5. Faculty/staff, or student(s) observed inside buildings after normal operating hours, will be asked to produce a UTA Identification Card, and the proper keys that permitted them access into the rooms in which they are found.

  6. In certain circumstances, with the approval of the Shift Supervisor, officers will be permitted to unlock inside office doors for those faculty and staff members who have forgotten or mislaid their keys.

    1. The person requesting this service must be prepared to show a UTA Staff Identification Card (with photo) and/or other proof that may be deemed necessary by the officer who answers the call to verify that person's right to enter the locked office. This is a courtesy provided by the University on the basis of staff and time availability. Abuse of this service will result in its discontinuance.

    2. A record will be made and retained by the Police Department of those faculty and staff members who request the service.