Procedure 6-12

Vacation Check (Close Patrol)

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Police Department

Revision Date: 26 October 2004

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  1. The University Police will close patrol specified areas within the University jurisdiction, upon request. A notation of the close patrol request will be entered into the briefing book, and read at each shift briefing. A notation will be entered on the log each time the close patrol site is called in "checked" by a patrol officer.

  2. Persons desiring close patrol assistance should contact the University Police Department, and be prepared to advise the following:

    1. Name of person making request

    2. Address of person making request

    3. Telephone number of person making request

    4. Location of close patrol

    5. Duration of close patrol

    6. Name and phone number of person for emergency contact

    7. Type of close patrol (house, office, vehicle, displays, etc.)

    8. Reason for close patrol (vacation check, burglary attempt, vehicle down, suspicious person)

  3. Persons requesting vacation close patrol should also provide the Police Department with the following information:

    1. Authorized vehicles and animals on premises

    2. Person(s) with key to residence

    3. Authorized lights and in areas of house

    4. Use or non-use of timing devices and what, when, and where the timers will activate

    5. Frequency that animals, plants, and/or house will be tended and by whom, and their vehicle description

  4. Patrol officers will close patrol designated locations as frequently as time and other assignments will permit.

  5. Persons requesting close patrol are expected to notify the Police Department immediately if the patrol is to be discontinued sooner than the dates/times originally given to the dispatcher.