Procedure 6-15

Key and Lock Control

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Police Department

Revision Date: 21 September 2010

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  1. General

    This Key Control Policy and Procedure is intended to provide general operating guidelines needed to protect campus personnel and campus facilities, as well as ensure university personnel authorized access to those areas and campus facilities necessary for the efficient performance of their normal/routine duties and responsibilities.

  2. Key Request Issuance Form

    1. The Key Request Issuance and Receipt form is used to obtain authorization for the issuance of keys to university facilities and is initiated by the requesting department. This form can be found online at Key Request (Form 6-3). When completed and signed by the person with department approval authority, the form should be submitted via email or printed and mailed to the Key Control Office. Normally there is a twenty-four hour turn around. Only the person whose name appears on the request will be allowed to sign for the key(s). A valid university identification card or driver's license will be required when the key(s) is/are released.

    2. The Key Control Office charges five dollars for each key cut. Payment will be made through the Inter-Departmental Transfer process, and departments must provide an account number to be charged.

    3. When a university employee resigns, terminates or transfers between departments, all keys must be returned to the Key Control Office. At no time should anyone exchange or loan keys to others. A key receipt will be issued to the employee and a copy will be sent to the department. For each lost or missing key, a $25.00 charge will be assessed to the employee. Also, if re-keying is required, the employee will be required to pay an additional $25.00 for each core re-keyed up to a maximum of $200.00 for the first incident, and a maximum of $400.00 for each succeeding incident. The employee may appeal these fees by submitting an appeal letter to the Department Head/Chair. If the Department Head/Chair believes that there are mitigating circumstances surrounding the loss of the keys, the appeal will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for review. If the appeal is upheld, the amount owed by the employee will be waived. The employing department will fund amounts exceeding the maximum. Doors may be re-keyed at the discretion of the Department Head/Chair when keys are missing.

    4. Each request for students must reflect the date on which the key is to be returned to the Key Control Office. Students may be issued keys to campus facilities on a semester basis or up to one calendar year. Due dates may be extended by the issuing department. Departments should advise students that a "Student Hold" will be placed on a student's record if keys are not returned on or before the due date.

  3. Missing Keys

    1. All lost, stolen or missing keys will be reported immediately to the Key Control Office at (817) 272-2209 and a LOST OR MISSING UNIVERSITY KEY REPORT FORM must be completed. A $25.00 charge per key will be assessed for lost or missing keys

    2. If a replacement key is ordered, the request will be annotated "REPL" with a note that the original key was lost, stolen or missing. Before a new key is issued it is subject to approval from Chief of Police, and only after payment has been made.

  4. Hardware

    1. Locks operated by keys issued from the Key Control Office will be maintained at the expense of the Key Control Office. However, a fee may be charged if the department requests a lock function change or re-keying of a core to limit access to certain rooms or areas. Private locks or locking devices of any type are not authorized on any campus facility or room and will be removed immediately when discovered. All locks or locking devices used on any UTA facility must be purchased or provided through the Key Control Office and installed by authorized Key Control personnel. Normally, the Key Control Office does not furnish keys for departmental furniture or other office furnishings. This is the responsibility of the department in which the property is assigned and inventoried. If such keys are lost or stolen, a UTA Locksmith may be able to assist the department in unlocking a desk or file cabinet.

    2. Only a UTA Locksmith is authorized to duplicate a university key, and no UTA key may be duplicated at any off-campus facility. Any person who duplicates a UTA key off-campus may be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, termination.

    3. University departments that normally respond to emergency situations must have twenty-four hour access to all campus facilities. Such personnel will be issued keys necessary for the timely performance of their duties.

    4. Special care must be exercised to ensure that an unauthorized person is not issued a key to a security sensitive area. Requests for a key to such areas must be submitted to the Chief of Police or his/her designee for approval. The appropriate Department Chair (or Director) and the appropriate Dean (or Vice President) must approve the issuance of these keys. The requesting department will be advised of any disapproved request.

    5. Non-university personnel must first contact the Chief of Police or his/her designee for permission to gain access to any university facility. Where appropriate, the Chief of Police will consult with the appropriate Department Chair, Director, Dean, or Vice President on such requests.

  5. Records

    1. University Key Inventory Roster

      The Key Control supervisor is responsible for compiling and continually updating a campus roster of employees and students who have been assigned keys to university facilities. The key inventory roster will be maintained in departmental order and will contain names, identification numbers, and key identification data for each key issued.

    2. Key Issue

      When issuing a key, the Key Control Office will advise the requesting employee of the provisions of the issuance agreement. The employee/student must read, sign, and date the form. A receipt for the keys issued will be given to the employee, one will be sent to the employee's department, and the original key request retained in the Key Control Office. The Key Control staff will update the master roster and forward a copy of the approved form to the requesting department.

    3. Department

      Upon receipt of the Key Request Issuance Receipt and Return Receipt form from the Key Control Office, the department will update its records and file the form for future reference. A "Return Receipt" form will be used when the employee resigns, terminates, or retires from the University, or transfers within the University requiring an exchange of keys. In the case of a key issued to a student, the department will determine whether the student needs continued access to the area, and will forward appropriate written documentation to the Key Control Office requesting issuance of the key.

    4. Key Audit

      Each department will be held accountable for all keys issued to employees and students. Departments may request a detailed report on key issuance at any time to reconcile departmental records. Key Control staff is also authorized to conduct unannounced audits. Keys missing must be paid for as stated in Sections 2b and 2c.

  6. Removal from University

    1. The only keys that are authorized to be removed from the campus are the keys that are necessary to gain access to the building and office/work area where the employee/student normally reports for duty. All other keys should be secured in a key box or other securable areas within the person's office/work area when the keys are not being used. Securable area is defined as a key box, file cabinet, desk or other device capable of being locked.