Procedure 6-3

Assist Motorist

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Police Department

Revision Date: 17 October 2005

Errors or changes to:

  1. The University Police Department will assist motorists with battery jumpstarts and with unlocking vehicles in which vehicle keys have been locked. The University Police do not change flat tires, but can assist individuals to and from area service stations. The Police Department will telephone a wrecker for a stranded motorist.

  2. Persons who need assistance should contact the University Police Department at 817-272-3381 and be prepared to advise the dispatcher of the following:

    1. Name of person requesting assistance

    2. Address of person requesting assistance

    3. Telephone number of person requesting assistance

    4. Location of the inoperable vehicle

    5. Description of vehicle (year, make, color, model, and license number)

    6. Type of assistance requested

  3. Complainant should, when possible, raise the hood of their vehicle to assist the officer in locating the vehicle.

  4. Complainant should meet the officer at the scene of the inoperable vehicle.

    1. Complainant must show positive identification.

    2. Complainant must sign a release of liability form.

  5. Service calls are low priority calls and officers are assigned on the basis of their availability, and some delay in response could result.