Procedure 6-4

Burglar Alarms

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Police Department

Revision Date: 11 July 2016

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  1. Response to Burglar Alarms

    1. The University Police Department will dispatch an officer immediately to investigate a University site where a burglar or panic alarm has been tripped. The facility involved will be thoroughly checked by the officers assigned to the call. A report of the incident will be completed by the investigating officer.

    2. Police Dispatcher will attempt to notify a representative of the department responsible for the alarm. It is in the best interest of each department that a representative, when contacted, meet with the officer at the scene to verify that the area is normal and secure.

    3. Departments equipped with burglar alarms will submit in writing, to the Chief of Police, an Emergency Contact List of at least three people with their home phone numbers to be contacted in case of emergency of problem at the alarm site. When any employee on the contact list terminates or the responsibility for after hours contact changes, an updated contact list will be submitted immediately to the Chief of Police.

  2. Burglar Alarm Installation

    1. Should a department feel the need to install a burglar or panic alarm, the department supervisor will advise the Chief of Police in writing and include the following:

      1. Contact person's name
      2. Contact person's phone number
      3. Department installing alarm
      4. Reason for alarm
    2. The Chief of Police will appoint the Crime Prevention officer to conduct a security survey of the site.

    3. Once the alarm is installed, it is the responsibility of the department with the alarm to make sure the Police Dispatcher is notified immediately each time the alarms tripped by authorized personnel, whether the trip is intentional or accidental.

    4. The department at the alarm site is also responsible for impressing upon its employees the seriousness of accidental alarm trips.

    5. The department at the alarm site is also responsible for notifying the Police Department of any alarm code changes.