Procedure 6-5

Emergency Message Delivery

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Police Department

Revision Date: 26 October 2004

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  1. Upon notification, the Police Department will deliver emergency messages only to faculty, staff or students who can in no other way be contacted by the person wishing to deliver the message.

    1. The officer will go to the site designated by the caller and attempt to contact the person designated to receive the message.

    2. The officer will not track down the person designated to receive the message if that person cannot be found at the original location advised by the requestor, except in the case of death or serious illness.

  2. Persons in need of assistance should contact the University Police Department and be prepared to advise the dispatcher of the following:

    1. Name of person making request.

    2. Address of person making request.

    3. Telephone number of person making request.

    4. Location of person making request.

    5. Phone number at location of person making request.

    6. Name of person to receive message.

    7. Location of person to receive message.

    8. Nature of message to be delivered.

  3. If possible, the Police Department will call the requestor and inform him/her of the officer's ability/inability to make contact with the person to receive the message, so long as the call is not long distance.