Procedure 6-7

Money Escorts

Responsible Officer: Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations

Sponsoring Department: Police Department

Revision Date: 26 October 2004

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  1. The University Police Department will, upon request, send a commissioned officer to meet with and accompany University personnel who must deposit or pick-up large amounts of money.

    1. The officer will meet with the person who is to carry the money, and escort that person to the Bursar's Office or to the University Center Safe. If the person has money to carry back, the officer will accompany the person on their immediate return to their original location.

    2. The officer will not wait on any money escort while personal business is conducted or other Davis Hall/University Center errands are performed.

    3. Officers should not be expected to carry money bags, cases, etc., as this may interfere with the officer's ability to protect the escortee.

  2. Persons who need assistance should contact the University Police Department and advise the dispatcher of the following:

    1. Name or person requesting escort.

    2. Address or department of person requesting escort.

    3. Telephone number of person requesting escort.

    4. Point-to-point location of money escort.

    5. Complainant should meet the officer at the designated site and be prepared to show proper UTA identification.

  3. This is a low priority call for police service and officers are assigned on the basis of availability.